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Lipsticks come in 1,000 shades of red. Fast-fashion keeps trend-setters on their toes. Consumers find their sense of self in their apparel choices. If there’s one industry that’s about individualized digital experiences that change on a dime – it’s fashion and luxury.

Some of our luxury and fashion clients

Experiment and personalize at speed
to stay ahead of the curve

Fashion and luxury sites need to keep up with the trends of tomorrow and the granular, personalized experiences shoppers have come to expect.

Pair the right person with the right product
Collect preference data from your buyers to understand their interests and suggest the perfect product - before they even know they want it!
Limit cart abandonment
Catch shoppers before they abandon their cart, or re-engage lapsed users. Understand points of friction so you can surmount them.
Drive brand loyalty
For fashion and luxury brands, a loyal following is make or break. Drive loyalty and remind customers that they've found their tribe.
Optimize product images
Quickly identify the optimal image that puts your apparel in the best possible light with our AI-powered Image Matchmaker widget.
Turn passive scrolling into purchases
Create smart triggers and urgency messaging to help your visitors make the right purchase decisions.
Harness the power of social proof
For fashionistas, knowing who is wearing what is a top priority. Easily display the number of products viewed or purchased to nudge buyers into action.
Get personal with precise segmentation
There are as many tastes in fashion as there are people on earth. Group together like-minded consumers with granular segmentation to serve up the most relevant offers.
Dive deeper with server-side
Run complex tests that span any digital platform to engage your clients wherever they browse, from mobile to desktop and beyond.
Case Study
NYX Professional Makeup used social proof to decrease bounce rate

When the team at NYX Professional Makeup heard that AB Tasty was developing a social proof messaging solution, they were eager to be one of the first clients to try it. Learn how they utilized this tactic to decrease bounce rates by 38%

Scratching the surface of consumer behavior

Psychological research has proven unconscious processes power more of our decision-making than we ever thought before. In this ebook, get insights from consumer psychologist Bart Schutz on how to use psychological principles to increase online conversions.

Case Study
Kiehl’s increased revenue by 31% with basket optimization

Inspired by other brands in the L’Oréal Luxe portfolio, such as Lancome Biotherm, Urban Decay and YSL Beauty, the digital teams at Kiehl’s started working with AB Tasty in January 2018. With the help of their dedicated customer success manager the team surpassed their initial targets.

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