Boost conversions from every angle

From A/B/n to multivariate to funnel testing, start optimizing in seconds with our namesake feature. No coding skills needed.
AI-powered Personalization
With our arsenal of targeting criteria, serve tests, content and experiences to the audiences who will take action.
Dynamic widgets
Banners, pop-ins and a selection of dynamic widgets can be just the ticket to secure a conversion.
Analytics and insights
Surface endless insights on your users with over 200 website metrics and in-depth behavioral applications.
Fast. Easy. Supported.

We’re proud of our 96% customer retention rate, and we got there by putting our customers squarely at the heart of our product strategy. Every AB Tasty customer has access to customer success and technical experts. We listen to our customers, by prioritizing any customer-submitted feature requests. Experimentation and personalization campaigns thrive on creativity, so it’s our mission to ensure they’re painless to implement.

Integrations galore

Whether you’re using segments from your own DMP, or sending campaign data to a third-party analytics platform, AB Tasty prioritizes holistic conversion rate optimization. We understand that customer journeys are broad, and we want to make connecting the marketing journey as seamless as possible.

As mobile as you are

Running campaigns on mobile? Monitor the impact of your optimization in real-time, and hit play or pause from your phone. Testing your own mobile apps? Deploy your modifications instantly without having to resubmit them to app stores.

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