Today's readers live in the attention economy

The 24/7 news cycle is demanding—you need to embrace a constant state of change to keep readers engaged. Our AI-powered platform lets you run tests so quickly that you get results well before your story becomes ‘old news.’

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Deliver the stories your readers want to see

You only have seconds to catch a reader’s attention. Make it count. Powered by AI, our platform lets you optimize at the speed of breaking news.

Test 100 headlines in one hour
With auto-optimization, algorithms identify the best-performing content and headline, significantly faster than with traditional testing.
Test pricing and offers
Find the best deal for both you and your readers. Discovering the optimal price point is only an experiment away.
Personalize the news
Not every reader is looking for the same story. Bring your readers the news they care about, when they want it.
Improve advertisement display and visibility
Make sure banner ads perform without being an intrusion to the user experience – try new placements to maximize ad revenue.
Set up the optimal paywall
Keep readers invested and increase subscriptions by finding the optimal amount of page views before triggering a paywall.
Meet your readers where they browse
From their daily commute to a covert in-meeting scroll, more readers than ever are using their phones to access the news. Make sure your mobile experience is optimized.
Images are worth a 1,000 clicks
Images are what pull your readers in. Our Image Matchmaker widget automates the testing process to find the most powerful image to bring your article to life.
Dynamic traffic allocation
Don't lose out on a single page view with dynamic traffic allocation. Let our algorithm swiftly detect a winning variation, and automatically direct traffic to it.
Case Study
How changing the position and prominence of a key mobile menu increased clicks by 1,296%

French cooking magazine Cuisine Actuelle chose AB Tasty for testing design choices on their mobile site. By experimenting with their menu, and changing the position of a key burger menu-style button, they saw an impressive 1,295.6% increase in clicks. Big numbers for such a small button!

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Media outlets live and die by online subscriptions, with digital platforms continuing to eclipse traditional print formats. At AB Tasty, we help media clients optimize their websites for maximum sign-ups.

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