Travel brands promise outstanding experiences​

…which is why everything from browsing destinations to booking train tickets needs to be optimized.  Today’s globetrotter canvasses the internet for the best deals and the most inspiring vacation spots – which means competition is fierce.

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Inspire wanderlust with customers,
the journey begins with your website

From swift experimentation to automated testing that makes your life easier, we can help get from A to B – faster.
Move visitors through the booking steps
Don't leave would-be purchases stranded at checkout. Reduce cart abandonment and nudge visitors to complete the purchase journey.
Automate your optimization
There are better ways to spend your time than running a zillion tests to find the ultimate product page image. Let our AI-powered Image Matchmaker widget do the heavy lifting.
Create personalized browsing experiences
A couple looking for a honeymoon destination and a father booking a family getaway - show these two personas the right offer for their needs.
Personalize to unlock new levels of possibilities
From booking to viewing itineraries, your visitors expect a personal greeting. Base promotions on user history to stay relevant.
Create urgency and FOMO
Emphasize time-limited offers with countdown banners and other urgency messaging techniques to lock in conversions.
Test pricing strategies
Determined to find the absolute best pricing plan? A server-side approach can help you find that magic number.
Harness the power of social proof
Easily display how many offers have been viewed or purchased in a given time frame - help bring popular destinations or deals to the forefront.
Optimize for mobile
Whether on a gondola in Italy, a bus in Peru or a train in India, your globetrotting clientele should be able to plan the next leg of their journey - from anywhere.
Case Study
Best Western® increases transactions by 26% by automating their product page image optimization
For travel sites, hero images are the window into fantastic vacation destinations. For the digital team at Best Western® Hotels & Resorts, who have a mountain of photographs at their disposal, the challenge was finding a way to efficiently determine the most impactful image to put front and center. Using AB Tasty’s AI-powered dynamic widget, Image Matchmaker, the team was able to automatically run an A/B test for each of the landing page’s 6 carousel images.
Perfect the travel experience

For companies in the travel and tourism space, converting website visitors is riddled with challenges. What photo of your beach resort is the most appealing? How can you create a smoother booking experience? Reassure nervous travelers? Simplify the search process? Get inspired with these successful use cases to create a UX that is nothing but smooth sailing.

Case Study
Havas Voyages personalizes their drive-to-store campaigns
Havas Voyages and AB Tasty began working together in 2015. After putting considerable effort into optimizing the user journey through their site, Havas Voyages is today focusing on integrating sophisticated personalization campaigns into their overall strategy.
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