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A/B Tasty can help us to create better user experience

Laura Karhu 13/02/2020

Great tool, easy to use, 100% recommend

Halima Satheya 17/06/2020

MagnifiCRO working with AB Tasty has always achieved great results!

Sergio Simarro Villalba 25/06/2020

You can easily create complex campaigns as a “normal” marketing user without having IT capacity.

Manager in Marketing 27/06/2020

Easy to set up and use – a complete CRO tool!

Charles-Edouard D 22/09/2019

AB Tasty is the future of CRO platform

Matt M 02/04/2019

A powerful tool to drive more conversions and helping teams optimize user experiences

Elodie J 17/02/2020

Great and powerful tool, with an intuitive platform

Nassim M 11/12/2018

If you want to move quickly in your Conversion Rate optimization, AB Tasty is one of the best solutions on the market

Xavier J 06/12/2018

A simple and powerful tool

Guillaume C 22/11/2018

I have been using AB tasty for the last two years. So far the experience is WOW! It is a very powerful tool with great flexibility with a minimal easy-to-use interface.

Ajith B 21/11/2018

AB Tasty is one of the best in class AB Testing tools that enables businesses to explore a new solution of UX/UI.

Patawan P 07/06/2019

The customer service is incredible and the support team is very knowledgeable in answering a variety of questions.

Safa S 26/03/2019

The team is efficient, always available to help and give great insights to develop the roadmap.

Maite F 13/03/2019

Very useful tool to better understand use experience by creating A/B tests

Laurie C 15/04/2019

The support team is very quick to answer my requests and solve any issues They give me new ideas and help a lot with making clear metrics to track.

Hasnaa k 12/12/2018

AB Tasty makes it easy to run and track the performance of A/B and multivariate tests with no or little code.

Chase M 14/06/2019

The editor which allows you to set up your tests and website personnalizations is really easy to use even if you don’t have any technical skills.

Richard G 21/06/2019

An easy-to-use, performing, and ever-evolving solution

Guilhem C 10/05/2019

The product is quite fast and reliable, no problem using it in 2 years now and the CSM team at AB Tasty which can give you support and advice is really helpful!

Christophe B 26/04/2019

Best AB Testing Platform I’ve Used

Jeff M 13/11/2018

What I love with AB Tasty is that it is really easy to use. There is a lot of features that help marketers like me to improve our websites by testing various scenarios.

Anaïs G 20/12/2018

We started with AB Tasty 6 years ago and we are still working together

Houda M 17/09/2019

AB tasty helped us to very easily create promotional pop-ups to highlight our gift with purchase operations. It allows us to be very prompt in launching a gift and promoting it.

Panthéa Nasseri 30/03/2017

First simple tests easy to set, new reporting well done, easy to set new objectives

Marc M 21/10/2019

Great interface that really helps to implement A/B testing

Vincent C 04/05/2016

Very easy to use and set up your experiments and a very proactive team to help us set up the complex tests.

Abderrahmane A 10/12/2018

The test-results are easily understandable and the way they are displayed makes it very easy to share with the business without having to explain all statistics behind it.

Esther V 19/07/2017

AB Tasty is terrific. Easy tool with grade A customer support

Jeff Copetas 21/09/2019

A complete A/B testing package, with great customer support

Craig Lawrence 06/11/2017

AB Tasty, an innovative solution for successful websites

Solène Grand 21/11/2017

AB Tasty, optimize your web performance with a tool designed for marketers.

Valentin Viguier 20/06/2017

We used AB Tasty in a research development project. The software is simply genius but quite easy to use

David Reymond 28/08/2017

AB tasty helped us to very easily create promotional pop-ups to highlight our gift with purchase operations. It allows us to be very prompt in launching a gift and promoting it.

Panthéa Nasseri 30/03/2017

AB Tasty – My conversion rate optimization assistant

Fabien Borsa 30/06/2017

Improve your conversion rate with AB Tasty!

Melanie Pitkanitsos 23/06/2017

With strong reporting capabilities, combined with session recording and heat maps, we can really understand and optimise the user experience.

Sylvain Marbach 15/06/2017

The perfect optimization tool.

Charles-Edouard Draber 26/04/2017

An A/B testing solution essential for our business

Jade St-Laurent 31/03/2017

AB Tasty is currently the best tool given our maturity level in A/B testing.

Sylvain Duthilleul 31/03/2017

AB Tasty: a friendly solution for AB-testing and UX personalization

Solange Marsaux 31/03/2017

AB Tasty is Delicious!

Matt Sparks 30/03/2017

Our entire checkout cart is optimized by AB Tasty. We can change our homepage in the smartphone thanks to AB Tasty. It is very useful for us.

Emeline Lebeltel 05/07/2017

Perfect tool to make educated decision about your website

Francois Ducreux 11/04/2017

AB Tasty is used by all our consultants, It helps them back up their recommendations and is really useful to demonstrate the return on investment of CRO efforts.

Sébastien Manaches 19/06/2014

AB Tasty is very easy to use and test, and gives clear data to make the right decisions.

Adeline ANDRE 13/06/2014

AB Tasty – A solution that helps improve our conversions with a few clicks

Stéphanie Pinet 14/06/2014

This tool has a lot of great capabilities. Not only can you run just about any A/B test, but you can also do a lot with their NPS widget. I love the built-in widget library, that makes this tool stand out from others.

Morganne H 29/05/2020

Simple, Friendly, Easy but very Powerful

Javier R 24/04/2020

AB Tasty’s consultants and support teams are very responsive and pedagogical.

Vanessa l 28/02/2020

Highly recommend AB Tasty!

Kauri C 06/02/2020

AB Tasty is easy to use and an efficient tool to share and diffuse test and learn culture in your company. The platform is very intuitive, well designed and answers all the CRO needs.

Hélène D 30/12/2019

An A/B testing platform that doesn’t require a Master’s degree to use it.

Joe H 22/10/2019