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The best alternative to Optimizely.
Run all your tests, even complex ones, with ease



Retaining simplicity while providing power users advanced features

If you are looking for an alternative to Optimizely, we are pleased to introduce you the AB Tasty solution that reconciliates ease of use and powerful features. Your choice is no longer limited to costly and complex solution or to simple testing tools that, apart from ease of setup, will not allow for advanced testing scenario.

You’re in the driver’s seat to optimize your site

With AB Tasty, we go one step further than Optimizely to put you in charge. You have all the tools and features to bring your ideas to life in just minutes. You can test all your conversion optimization scenarios, from modyfing your pages to measuring the results on your businnes goals.


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Specialist knowledge no longer required!

Thanks to our graphical editor, you won't need any technical knowledge to make changes to your website. Once our HTML code has been added, you can simply let your aspirations guide you. The same is true for all the tests.

Bring your ideas to life in just minutes

If you can’t easily create your variation through Optimizely, try the AB Tasty powerful editor! Make whatever changes you like to your pages with just a few clicks using our graphical editor. Then launch your test in the blink of an eye!

Push the changes you make to the extreme

Already have strong HTML, CSS and JavaScript resources? You can edit the source code directly from our editor!


Create any testing scenario you like

You can create all your tests from the same interface with just a few clicks, from the simplest to the most complex: A/B tests, A/B/C tests, etc., as well as tests on pages behind logins, multi-page tests (tunnel) and multivariate tests (MVT).

Precisely define the pages and visitors to include in your tests

Unlike Optimizely, we provide a powererful targeting module. Combine unlimited criteria, whether by URL, content type, navigation behavior, device type, or other types of criteria... You can also use your own data for test targeting purposes.

Configure your tests however you like

Want to test a portion of your web traffic, set up an automatic launch date, or exclude specific IPs? With AB Tasty, everything is possible.


Measure everything you want

Define your business indicators, whether it's your visitor engagement, your conversion rate, the turnover generated, or average cart value.

Put your faith in the figures

We save your business indicators for each variation and calculate the performance differences compared with the original. A statistical reliability indicator tells you whether the differences are significant and from what point you can rely on the figures for your decision making.

Increase the range of things you analyze

Integrate AB Tasty with other web analytics and conversion optimization tools to get an even more precise understanding of your visitors' behavior. It just takes a few clicks to integrate these third-party tools.


Identify the most effective messages

Use the advanced analysis features to identify the most relevant messages for each visitor type.

Use the right message, with the right visitor, at the right time

Take advantage of what you learn from your tests to personalize the customer experience for different user segments

Personalize customer experience as easily as you do your tests

Use the same interface and the same automation to create your segmented marketing campaigns.

AB Tasty is the fastest growing optimizely alternative on the market.It will help you improve your conversions. Get started today.