Advanced segmentation and personalisation

Build custom content and display it to the right audience

Rich targeting criteria

Precise targeting on selected segments with just a few clicks

Target Pages

Target pages

Target pages based on URL(s), URL patterns or on pages containing specific elements

Target Behaviours

Target behaviours

Detect specific behaviours such as pages viewed, scroll, time spent on page… and trigger experiments accordingly

Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting

Implement contextual criteria such as weather or geolocation

Third Party Data

Use third-party data

Enrich AB Tasty’s native criteria with existing data from CRMs and DMPs.

Create segment-specific content

Build custom content with our visual editor and widget library AB Tasty Engage

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Target segments

Trigger tests based on your selected criteria: URLs, geolocation, weather, and lots more! You can even connect your third-party tools

Track personalisation performance

As with test experiments, we collect data when you run personalisation campaigns to keep track of how they perform

Predictive Marketing