Landing Page Optimization

5 Things You Need to Know About Squeeze Pages

The world of marketing is full of quirky jargon, phrases, and acronyms like Lead Gen, B2B, API and now: squeeze … Read more

A landing page is a web page purposely designed to drive your visitors to convert. This conversion could be the percentage of website visitors who fill out a form, call your company, or purchase something from you online.

Landing pages are a great way to improve your website conversion rate.

A good landing page has several well-defined characteristics that set it apart from your home page or a blog post.

It is often used as the URL you redirect users to from your marketing campaigns. By driving supposedly qualified visitors to a dedicated page that shows you at your best and that matches their profile or intent, you increase your chances of converting them into clients or subscribers.

Find out what are the best practices to optimize your landing pages as well as examples of high converting landing pages.

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