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Marketing, product and tech teams use AB Tasty’s AI-driven experimentation, personalization and product optimization platform to rapidly drive ROI and continuously deliver outstanding user experiences.

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AB Tasty is a leader in A/B Testing on G2
AB Tasty is a leader in A/B Testing on G2

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What we do in a nutshell

We elevate customer experiences by providing marketers and product teams with an experimentation and personalization platform that turbocharges optimization.

Marketing teams

Experimentation and personalization that fits seamlessly into your workflow and boosts your ROI.

Our visual editor and widget library take code out of the equation, so you can run insightful campaigns without the time commitment or hassle.​

AI-powered personalization

Segment audiences to send the right message, to the person, at the right time—it's hyper-precision at hyper-speed.

Dynamic widgets

Choose from a variety of industry-specific, customizable templates to nudge visitors into action.​

Product teams

Progressively roll out new features to accelerate time-to-market and scale without risk.
Feature flags​

Feature flags let product managers toggle new features on or off for a controlled - or personalized - rollout.​

Progressive rollout​

Test the waters with beta programs, canary testing, and other progressive rollout methods to minimize risk and launch with a clear conscience.​

Server-side experimentation​

Go beyond client-side and add depth to your experimentation and personalization campaigns on all digital channels.​

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What makes us different

Client focused
We built a tool for perfecting the customer experience, so it makes sense that our customers are the foundation and the focus of our company.
Enterprise ready
We know you need to move quickly to keep up with customers' expectations. So, we supercharged experimentation and personalization so that you can keep pace.
Your time is valuable. Let automation do the heavy lifting when it comes to grunt work, so you can focus on your next big idea - and win big.

They nailed it

We've run so many tests for our clients it's hard to keep track. But we never forget a win. Here are a few that are cooling off from their victory lap.

You heard it here first

We're proud to have clients from all four corners of the globe and a wide variety of industries. What do they all have in common? A thirst to continuously improve the customer experience.
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