Inspire your customers, at every step of their discovery

AI-powered product recommendation engine that works in real-time to surface new revenue opportunities and build AOV, helping you deliver a delightful consumer experience while driving business priorities.


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Surface product potential with full merchandising control

Increase AOV with 1-1 personalized suggestions from AI

Drive impulse buys without hurting engagement

Provide seamless personalization across channels

Balance customer experience & business priorities


The right product at the right moment.

Our recommendation engine, powered by AI, calculates the revelant recommendations for each indivudal visitor on the fly. It leverages reinforcement learning techniques to understand what your visitors want by analyzing site and purchase behavior.

Merchandising meets personalization

Highlight cross-sell opportunities, alternatives, product sets, bundles, etc. Dozens of recommendation opportunities to activate each individual visitor, with personalized results calculated by AI.

Optimized customer journeys

From homepage to PLPs, PDPs, to cart checkout layers – add recommendations to boost cart value and improve product discovery at every part of the journey. Capture side-door traffic and boost ad conversions with optimized landing pages.

Seamless personalization

The same AI engine works to personalize across your site, emails and search, ensuring that experience is high quality and consistent for your customers. 


Full control over your merchandising strategy

Highly customizable rules means no more black boxes. AB Tasty is full of business-first use cases within an intuitive UI so you can strategize on cross-sell, upsell, stock levels, margins, and trade marketing (or let our AI do it for you) without hurting CX.

Easily rank products to push business priorities

Tailor ranking to your unique business needs. Easily move up products, or demote others. Manage this at product or attribute level and across all widgets, select site widgets or email widgets

Cross-merchandise to incentivize multi-product buys 

Set specific complementary products & categories to display for certain products & categories in order to easily provide cross-sells, alternatives or matching accessories. 

Build a whole universe just for your visitor

Create a page that automatically personalizes a selection of products for Black Friday, or winter clothing for a seasonal campaign. Create a page full of relevant Sale items. The possibilities are endless with Theme Worlds. 


So many ways to activate your visitors

Brands are often limited to the type of recommendation they can make, and at which touchpoints they can be used. 

AB Tasty provides the most built-in strategies for product recommendations. Leverage these algorithms to provide the most relevant experience to your customers. 

Build cart value with complementary products

Bought together, complete the look, viewed together, customers also bought, previously in your cart, alternative products…  Suggest products, categories and content that are relevant to the specific product being viewed at that moment. 

Motivate buyers with social proof

Top sellers, other customers also bought, back in stock, new releases, selling out soon… Help your visitors make a choice as they look to others for product approval. 

Be more relevant with context-based recommendations

Location-based recommendations, weather-based recommendations, your favorite brands, your favorite categories… Provide individual context to your e-commerce recommendation strategy. 


Build loyalty and conversions with email

Even when they’re not on your site, get customers to discover your catalog.

Increase click-through and conversion rates with email campaigns enriched with hyper-personalized product & content recommendations.

Cross-channel context

Our AI takes into account mutiple channels to calculate the best recommendations, including recent in-session behaviour, online data, offline data, and traffic acquisition source. 

Real-time recommendations

Dynamically generate email recommendations at open, ensuring products displayed are in stock and email prices match website prices. Works with any email marketing platform.

Reconnect with customers

Leverage product recommendations in newsletters, re-activation emails, abandoned cart emails, and post-purchase emails.



The best experimentation platform for recommendations

Optimize your product recommendation strategy with AB Tasty’s tried-and-tested advanced experimentation solution, or leverage the built-in A/B testing features with AB Tasty Recommendations. 

Compare recommendations to see what works best for you

Looking to optimize your recommendations strategy? A/B test your widgets to understand what converts best. 

Advanced experimentation for product recommendations

Easily add recommendation widgets with the AB Tasty Web Experimentation solution’s Visual Editor and run various types of tests to get data-driven learnings. 

Basics needed to kick-start your experimentation strategy

Start building a first experimentation strategy with features included directly in the Recommendations workspace. Findings then feed the recommendations engine.

Everything you need to get your visitors from A to B

Promote products

Push products or categories across the site or to specific widgets.

Exclude products

Exclude specific products, products already purchased or products already in the cart.

Create combinations

Easily define fixed product recommendations or category creations for certain products / categories.

Content recommendations

Push content that's relevant to your visitors and their journey.

Theme Worlds

Create thematic recommendations from standard filters: brand, product ID, category, colors, etc.


Add widget placeholders throughout the customer journey to activate recommendations at strategic touchpoints.

Combine data feeds

Leverage all your data, including online, offline, inventory, CRM, purchase, traffic source, etc.

Email Recommendations

Drive more CTR and conversions through email recommendations that generate at open.

Advanced A/B testing

Leverage AB Tasty's best-in-class experimentation solution to optimize your recommendations strategy.

Advanced analytics

Deep-dive into recommendations, click, and revenue performance.

Edit rules

Add, edit, prioritize or delete rules in an intuitive back-end.

Easy integration

A JS code is integrated directly in your site or via a Tag Manager.

Multi-category support

Assign a product to multiple categories.

High-level recommendation logic

Build a recommendations strategy across several tenants.

Email reports

Receive regular reporting updates on your recommendation strategy directly to your inbox.

Ranking based on inventory

Not in stock? No problem. Out of stock items are removed from product suggestions.

Ranking based on pricing data

Promote (or demote) items based on profit margins.

Ranking based on reviews

Rank products based on customer reviews.

Product recommendations that generate real revenue growth

Unlock tailored recommendations powered by AI

Hagebaumarkt increased their recommendation performance by 10% after switching to AB Tasty.

Optimize your merchandising strategy with extensive analytics

Monitor and manage with our intuitive AB Tasty Recommendations solution. Optimize the relevance of your recommendation strategy. Review metrics to measure the ROI of your strategy, including click performance, conversion rate and conversion funnel.

Simple recommendations integration for fast go-live and quick results

Widget or API, you decide

Integrate via widget or API depending on your resources & stack preferences.

Our recommendations engine is CMS & ESP agnostic, tying in perfectly with your ecommerce platform and your personalization strategy.

Work hand-in-hand with our customer service teams:

1. Ingestion of your product catalog in XML or CSV for easy catalog management

2. Tracking code added for click and purchase behavior in your site or via a tag management platform (TMS).

3. Build together the front-end placeholder.

4. Fine-tune the AI algorithms to match your business.

5. Train you on the Control Desk to get you and your team up and running in no time.

Every business is different

That's why our teams can help you:

- Clean up your product feed, aggregate data and manage missing attributes in line with your recommendation needs.

- Setup delta imports to help manage that only changes are passed on for better catalog management.

- Create click behaviour-dependent recommendation filters (ex: a size filter depending on the contents of the shopping cart) for powerful online merchandising.

- Target recommendations to your segments for segment-specific product visibility.

We're known for our great CSMs

Our friendly CSMs don't just help you use the solution to its full potential, they also provide you with ideas on how to best optimize your recommendation strategy.

AI technology for

18 years of AI expertise power AB Tasty Recommendation’s personalization engine. Leverage real-time data to analyze user behavior and tailor catalog experiences to each individual visitor. 

Learn more on the technology behind our 1-1 website and email recommendations engine.  

Why choose AB Tasty as your preferred EOP?

Customer Experience Optimization (CXO)

Market Leaders

As a Forrester Wave leader and with first-rate G2 peer reviews, over 1000 brands trust us to help their marketing and product teams optimize and innovate.

Pragmatic Support

Loved for our friendly and local support, as an AB Tasty customer you’ll gain invaluable insights from our global digital strategy experts to help you scale faster. 

Privacy & Security

The protection of personal data is important to AB Tasty. We are GDPR and CCPA compliant, and support cookieless options. 


We understand that website performance is vital. AB Tasty provides multiple features to optimize performance and a flicker-free experimentation & innovation solution. 

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