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AB Tasty is a customer experience optimization company. We help brands build better user experiences and unlock new levels of possibilities, faster.

Our mission

Supersonic. That’s how web and product optimization should feel. Enterprises have to move at high speed, adapting quickly to the needs of customers, the challenges of competitors, and the changing nature of markets.

Our easy-to-use platform helps you kickstart campaigns in days, not months. Which is just one of the reasons why we get you to a higher ROI faster than anyone else.

With embedded AI and automation, our experimentation, personalization, and feature management platform lets marketing, product, and tech teams create richer digital experiences for customers, fast.

Unlock new levels of possibility in your business, and take the fastest route from A to B.

Key figures

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Our fearless leaders

Alix de Sagazan
Rémi Aubert

Alix and Remi’s main goal is to help clients succeed.

AB Tasty was born out of the idea that experimentation and personalization should be fast—and simple. Success isn’t spontaneous, it’s built on continuous optimization: the process of trying, failing, refining, and trying again at a faster rate than your competitors.

AB Tasty helps businesses embrace this test and learn mindset and create customer experiences that raise the bar and your ROI. 

Optimization comes down to momentum.

It’s A faster way to B. 

Our management team

Olivier Candau

Chief Financial Officer

Sergey Chernyakov

VP Data & Infrastructure

Julien Crochet

VP Sales Strategy, Pre-Sales & Enablement

Chase Edwards

VP Sales & Customer Success, Americas

Matthew Filios

VP Global Channels & Alliances

Pawel Tomaszewski

Chief Innovation Officer


It's time to reveal the magic behind our success: The AB Tasty dream team of product, marketing and engineering experts — aka the Magic Makers