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Industry experts share their insights on 

how to test at scale and fail successfully

Season 1


Ronny Kohavi
Episode 1

Ronny Kohavi (ex-Airbnb, Microsoft, Amazon)

Ronny Kohavi, one of the pioneers of experimentation, shares a humbling reality check: Most ideas will fail (and why that’s a good thing).

Episode 2

Chad Sanderson (Convoy)

Chad Sanderson, head of product – data platform at Convoy, breaks down the different types of experimentation and why it should be a discipline.

Episode 3

Jonny Longden (Journey Further)

Jonny Longden, co-founder of marketing agency Journey Further, believes anyone can experiment as long as you have desire and tenacity.

Episode 4

Lukas Vermeer (Vista)

Lukas Vermeer, director of experimentation at Vista, recommends keeping it simple when kickstarting experimentation within an organization.

Episode 5

Jeremy Epperson (ConversionAdvocates)

Jonny Longden, co-founder of marketing agency Journey Further, believes anyone can experiment as long as you have desire and tenacity.

True experimentation is more than technology:

It’s a culture.

Experimentation at scale is the key to unlocking the innovation and success that many companies have been searching for. What only a few seem to realize is that true experimentation is all about testing, failing and learning.

Our podcast brings together a selection of the best and brightest thought leaders in the world of experimentation  to uncover their insights on building and running successful experimentation programs … and how to fail, successfully.

In the culture of experimentation, there’s no such thing as a “failed” experiment: Every test is an opportunity to learn and build toward better ideas.

Whether you’re just starting out, working your magic on server-side or client-side teams or simply looking for inspiration, this is a podcast that has something for everyone.

The Host

Marylin Montoya
VP Marketing at AB Tasty

Marylin Montoya is an international marketing leader with over 10 years of experience in launching and scaling brands toward global recognition. Originally from the US, Marylin has worked abroad in Asia and Europe, with extensive multi-region GTM experience. Marylin is based in Paris, where she leads the marketing team at AB Tasty.

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Ronny Kohavi

Ronny Kohavi is an authority in experimentation, having worked on controlled experiments, personalization and AI for nearly three decades. Before being the vice president at Airbnb, Ronny led the Analysis and Experimentation at Microsoft’s Cloud and AI group and was the director of data mining and personalization at Amazon. He’s co-authored “Trustworthy Online Controlled Experiments: A Practical Guide to A/B Testing,” currently the #1 best-selling data-mining book on Amazon.

Chad Sanderson

Chad Sanderson is an expert on digital experimentation and analysis at scale. He is a product manager, writer and public speaker, who has given lectures on topics such as advanced experimentation analysis, the statistics of digital experimentation, small-scale experimentation for small businesses and more. He previously worked as senior program manager for Microsoft’s AI platform. Prior to that, Chad worked for Subway’s experimentation team as a personalization manager.

Jonny Longden

Jonny Longden leads the conversion division of Journey Further, a performance marketing agency specializing in PPC, SEO, PR, etc. Based in the United Kingdom, the part-agency, part-consultancy helps businesses become data-driven and build experimentation into their programs. Prior to that, Jonny dedicated over a decade in conversion optimization, experimentation and personalization, working with Sky, Visa, Nike, O2, Mvideo, Principal Hotels and Nokia.

Lukas Vermeer

Lukas Vermeer is an expert in implementing and scaling experimentation with a background in AI and machine learning. Currently, Lukas is the director of experimentation at Vista. Prior to this, he spent over eight years at Booking.com, from data scientist, product manager to director of experimentation. He continues to offer his expert consulting services to companies that are starting to implement experimentation.

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