Privacy Policy


Personal data of Clients and Users such as name, identifier and business contact details (“Corporate User Client Data”) which is provided as part of the Client’s commercial relationship with AB Tasty, may be processed and stored outside of the Client’s country by AB Tasty, its affiliates or third party providers.

AB Tasty will be acting as a data controller in respect of the Corporate User Client Data collected for the purposes of this Agreement. Processing of Corporate User Client Data is based on the direct contractual relationship between AB Tasty and the Client and on the legitimate interest of AB Tasty to conduct justified and legitimate business according to applicable legislation.

AB Tasty shall use Corporate User Client Data to (i) perform its contractual obligations (including but not limited to administration of client relations and of payment transactions), (ii) customize, analyse and improve its products and services, (iii) prevent fraud and other prohibited or illegal activities, and/or (iv) send, in accordance with applicable law, Users’ information on AB Tasty products, services and events which may be of interest to them.

AB Tasty shall keep Corporate User Client Data, for the course of the contractual relationship and, to the extent permitted by law, after termination of the Agreement.

Where permitted by law, Clients and Users have the right (i) to obtain access to their personal data, (ii) to amend such data, (iii) to be forgotten by AB Tasty, (iv) to restrict the processing, (v) to receive Corporate User Client Data concerning them, which they have provided to AB Tasty, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, (vi) to object to the processing of Corporate User Client Data for the purposes of direct marketing and (vii)  on legitimate grounds, to object to the use of such data, or to request that it be removed.  Said right may be exercised at any moment by sending a request to AB Tasty at the following email address:, or by post to the company’s postal address: 19 Rue Michel-le-Comte, 75003 Paris. Affected individuals may also lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.

Note that AB Tasty may be required to communicate

the above information at the request of judicial, regulatory or administrative authorities.


AB Tasty hereby informs the User that he/she may, (i) where applicable to the current Contract between AB Tasty and the Client, (ii) subject to his/her consent access the Services provided by AB Tasty via Google Sign-In authentication.

The following personal data are required for the use of the Google Sign-In functionality:
Email address;
Google token ID.

By using Google Sign-In authentication, the User acknowledges that he/she has been informed and has accepted that the above-mentioned personal data will be provided by Google to AB Tasty; it being understood that AB Tasty undertakes to use these data (i) for the sole purpose of implementing such authentication process, (ii) for the duration of the Contract.
It is specified that the Google token ID is not stored by AB Tasty and that the email address is stored by AB Tasty at Amazon Web Services in Dublin.


Use of AB TASTY Services on Client websites

AB Tasty provides a software solution known as Software as a Service, “SaaS” to enable marketing and statistical testing (A/B testing) on websites, intranet and mobile sites and mobile applications. AB Tasty therefore makes available an IT solution via internet which enables its Clients to collect online website usage statistics which is then reported on a web interface only accessible by AB Tasty Clients. Using the collected data, each Client is then able to improve the ergonomics of its website and the range of goods or services offered on it.

AB Tasty reminds its Clients, acting in their data controller capacity, that they must comply with any applicable data protection requirements including the General Data Protection Regulation (if applicable).

Clients undertake to inform their Visitors of the existence of processing carried out by AB Tasty, as well as to inform Visitors of their rights, including their right to access their data, their right to be forgotten, their right to object to processing, their right to demand rectification and removal of their personal data (e.g. IP address and cookies) and their right to opt-out as detailed below.

AB Tasty will be acting as a data processor in respect of the Visitor’s data collected for the purposes of this Agreement. The subject matter of the data processing is the performance of AB Tasty Services.

Data collected by AB Tasty

When a Visitor consults the website of an AB Tasty Client, AB Tasty collects website usage statistics. Such information relates, for example, to the navigator used, the number of pages visited, the number of visits, tracking the Visitor’s movements on a website, time spent on the website, on a particular page, filling or dumping the shopping cart, etc.

No primary personal data (name, first name, phone n°, address…) is gathered on AB Tasty’s initiative when AB Tasty solutions are being applied.

Only two types of secondary data (i.e. data that might possibly lead to an individual in certain circumstances) are collected by AB Tasty solutions – cookies and IP n°.

Cookie and single visitor

A “cookie” is a text file which registers information regarding the Visitor’s navigation. It is controlled by the browser.

For Visitors, “cookies” are the best means of personalising browsing. They often make it possible to avoid repetition of advertising messages, questions, and also to save time on websites where an identifier and/or a password is/are required.

For AB Tasty “cookies” ensure correct functioning of the solution and make it possible to guarantee the reliability of the testing by recognising a single visitor making different visits (recognising the same Visitor without knowing their identity). Such “cookies” in particular store the version of the testing used for the Visitor, for the sole purpose of representing the same version on that Visitor’s subsequent visits and thus not causing any change in behaviour and thus skewing the results of the testing.

Results essentially concern browsing and behaviour: number of visitors, visits, pages visited and other information required to measure the performances of each version of the pages under testing. They therefore make it possible to improve the ergonomics and content of the websites visited.

The AB Tasty solution uses “first party” cookies, i.e. issued by the URL of the site using the AB Tasty service.

In accordance with European directive 2009/136/EC known as “E-Privacy directive”, its implementing legislation and the recommendations of CNIL (i.e. the French Data Protection Authority), cookies are only stored and read by the AB Tasty solution after the internet user has given consent to use of the cookies by AB Tasty’s Clients. Visitors also have access to a management interface making it possible for them to change cookie settings. Finally, in compliance with the CNIL recommendations on cookies, it is specified that the lifespan of the cookies shall not exceed 13 months.

IP and Geolocalisation

On collecting and processing the data, AB Tasty uses the Visitor’s IP for sole purposes of geo-localising the connecting device (regional details, potentially details of the town in some countries) to enrich the data collection.

The IP is deleted just after the operation of geo-localising and not stored by AB TASTY.

Blocking cookies

In any event, Visitors have control over the cookies since they are stored on the computer, at browser level. The Visitor is therefore able to read them, filter them, refuse them and suppress them.

Refusing a cookie via browser software

The Visitor may at any time choose to disable some or all of the Cookies. The browser may also be set as stated hereunder to indicate the Cookies saved in the terminal and request whether or not to accept them (on a case by case or overall basis). However disabling all Cookies shall prevent the Visitor from using the AB Tasty Website.

  • Internet Explorer: Click on the Tools button, then on Internet Options. In the General tab, choose Browsing history, click on Settings. Then click Select files and select the Cookie(s) you wish to disable. Then close the window containing the list of Cookies and click twice on OK to return to internet.
  • Firefox browser: Click on the Firefox Menu icon, then on the Tools button, then Options; in the window that appears, select Privacy and collect Remove Specific Cookies. Select the Cookies you wish to disable then remove them.
  • Safari: click on the Settings button, then on Preferences. In the window that appears, choose Privacy/Security and click on Show Cookies. Select the Cookies you wish to disable then click on Delete or Delete All.
  • Chrome: click on the Google Chrome menu, then Settings. At the bottom of the page, click on Advanced Settings. In the Privacy section, click on Content Settings. To disable cookies: Select Block sites from storing any data. Click on Cookies and site data then move the mouse over the website which created the Cookie, and click on X in the right corner, or click on Remove All.

“Opt-out” option

AB Tasty offers Visitors an option to Opt-out, blocking collection of information on visits to the AB Tasty website as well as AB Tasty Client websites, for which sites AB Tasty collects data through its own cookie.

In order to enable this option, the Visitor must agree in advance to a cookie from the site in order to be able to proceed with the opt out request. If the cookie is not accepted, or if it is later deleted, AB Tasty may not be able to proceed with the request for non-participation and cookies will still be received.

To activate the opt-out option, at the end of the URL of the website for which the Visitor does not wish AB Tasty cookies to be collected/used, the Visitor adds the setting #abtastyoptout=1. For example, in order not to receive cookies on the pages of the AB Tasty website the Visitor must go to the page.

The option does not delete pre-existing cookies but will prevent updates, and therefore no new data will be collected. Please note that if the Visitor cleans his cookies, deletes the exclusion cookie, or changes computer or browser, then the opt-out will have to be reinitiated.


The “AB Tasty” brand and associated logos are the exclusive intellectual property of AB Tasty and are not to be reproduced, used or represented in any form or format or by any medium whatsoever, without the express authorisation of AB Tasty.

All graphics, photos, animations, videos and texts contained on the AB Tasty website and more generally the items created to enable or facilitate browsing on the AB Tasty website – architecture, design, code pages, CSS pages, and other items – are the exclusive intellectual property of AB Tasty and are not to be reproduced, used or represented in any form or format or by any medium whatsoever, without the express authorisation of AB Tasty.

Users specifically undertake not to modify, copy, reproduce, download, circulate, transmit, commercially exploit and/or distribute by any means whatsoever any AB Tasty Services, AB Tasty webpages, or computing codes for items composing the AB Tasty services and the AB Tasty website.