The future of personalization is empathy

The only A/B testing solution that segments visitors by emotional need for higher conversions. EmotionsAI provides insights and actionable audiences that turn emotions into data and sales.


in conversion rate


in revenue per visitor


of variations show positive business impact

Understand what activates your buyers to convert using emotions-first data

Revive your personalization roadmap with shopper psychology insights

Multiply the amount of winning test variations, turning more ideas into sales

Accurately predict long-term campaign ROI, using emotions as a consistent baseline

30 seconds for our AI engine to understand emotional needs


80% of human decisions are driven by emotion

Customer journeys are a series of tiny decisions: competitive natures will be tempted by limited stock products, safety-first buyers by secure payment details, and need-it-right-nows will want a quick purchase and none of the above extras.

Find the biggest drivers for conversion at every step

With EmotionsAI, create positive feelings by pinpointing which emotional needs are unmet at every stage of the customer journey: check-out, PLPs, product pages, etc.

Have AI classify visitors into 10 segments

Whether visitors have a need for Immediacy, Attention, Safety, or Community – you’ll be able to identify their needs and reassure them.

Benefit from 8 years of behavioral science research

EmotionsAI was created by a team of behavioral psychology experts and data scientists. More than 100 million journeys were studied to help brands connect with their visitors’ emotional needs.


High impact, low effort personalization

AI-powered personalization campaigns using EmotionsAI drive revenue increases ranging from 5% to 10%.

Build journeys for rational and emotional shoppers

No need for complex segments, third-party integrations, or rule management – AI handles everything. It directly classifies your visitors into 10 segments, helping you reach both practical and impulsive buyers.

Find new personalization opportunities

EmotionsAI reveals where and how you can improve your visitors’ journey, and identifies the opportunity loss if you don’t.

Easy and fast activation of the audiences 

Easily tailor experiences with AB Tasty’s no-code/low-code Visual Editor. Target the emotional need of your choice directly in the Audience Builder. Combine that emotional need with other segments. 

Optimizely Alternative


60% of test variations show positive business impact with EmotionsAI

Compared to the industry average of 20%, this e-commerce personalization engine turns more of your ideas into revenue. 

Conduct tests to identify the best experience for that need

With AB Tasty’s best-in-class experimentation solution, conduct tests to find out what works best on your most important emotional needs. 

Increase experiment efficiency 

No more neutral tests. Reports allow you to deep-dive into each variation in order to understand which emotional needs will give you the most uplift. 

Easily go from experiment to personalization
If a variation addresses a specific emotional need, easily turn it into a personalized experience for more revenue opportunities.


Build an experience roadmap based on empathy

Learn where you can better meet the needs of your visitors throughout their journey. 

Focus on your biggest audience

EmotionsAI prioritizes your visitors by the biggest emotional need, helping you decide where to focus your roadmap and how to get the biggest impact in your test and personalization roadmap. 

Make small changes with big impact

Emotional engagement can be triggered with small changes. CTA wording, hiding elements, a simple banner. All of this can be easily done in our Visual Editor.

Enrich your insights tools with emotional data

Add even more insights to your analytics tools like Contentsquare, Heap and FullStory.  Share insights with other departments including Acquisitions and CRM. 


Predict sustained campaign ROI, accurately

Emotional needs for conversion are lasting, while behaviors are ever-changing. 

Emotions provide a more consistent baseline to predict future returns than solely relying on on-site behavior.

Scale your personalization strategy with EmotionsAI

No extra effort needed

EmotionsAI is integrated with the AB Tasty tag and turned on with the flick of a switch. No extra setup, no big IT project.

Work hand-in-hand with our customer success teams

Our expert teams provide you with ideas to activate visitors based on their emotional need profile.

8 years of technology research

AI is leveraged to automatically analyse and segment your visitors into each emotional profile for true emotional personalization.

Behavioral analytics studies are the backbone of this solution, providing you with the best experience for your visitors.


EmotionsAI is GDPR compliant. It is based on anonymous in-session behaviour and doesn't use third-party cookies.

Built on behavioral expertise and real-time interactions


Physical interactions

  • Mouse speed
  • Scroll patterns
  • Pauses

Device setup

  • Browser type
  • Device brand
  • Plugin installed





journeys analyzed


online surveys


A/B tests analyzed



Purchase Behavior Modeling


Online behaviors and
interface design preferences


Researchers on
behavioral psychology

Triple A/B test success rate with EmotionsAI

La Redoute is a French multichannel retailer specializing in home decor as well as apparel with over 7 million unique visitors each month. Using EmotionsAI by AB Tasty, they create highly individualized experiences for their visitors for better engagement.

La Redoute logo

Increase quote submissions with EmotionsAI

Groupama is a multinational insurance group operating in 10 countries. They turned to AB Tasty’s EmotionsAI to help better adapt their testing strategy to fit their wide range of customer profiles.