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La Redoute triples A/B test success rate with EmotionsAI

3xsuccess rate of A/B tests

4%increased revenue per visitor

La Redoute is a French multichannel retailer specializing in home decor as well as apparel. Its e-commerce site is the top ranked French site with over 7 million unique visitors each month.


The team at La Redoute was eager to change up the way they optimized the website. They wanted to find ways to improve engagement through optimization, especially on mobile. 

They turned to EmotionsAI by AB Tasty to help deliver the most individualized experience possible for visitors to their site. 

Using AI-powered segmentation to build better experiments, they started to let the psychology behind their customers’ decisions help shape their optimization.


After implementing EmotionsAI and creating new emotions-based audience segments,
La Redoute saw a significant impact on their engagement rates. The enhanced customer experience led to a 4% increase in revenue per visitor as well as a 3% increased conversion rate.


Since using EmotionsAI, La Redoute has tripled the success rate of their A/B tests, completely changing their approach to optimization. 

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