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AB Tasty Teams Up with Google Cloud

We are thrilled to announce that AB Tasty is now an official Google Cloud Partner, the next step in the strengthening of our partnership with Google.

With this partnership, our clients and partners can now benefit from the combination of AB Tasty’s powerful digital experience tools and Google’s secure and reliable platform.

Whether you are looking to engage and activate your clients or create resilient digital products that deliver exceptional customer experiences and strong business results, AB Tasty’s suite of products is now easier than ever to access. 

From experimentation to personalization, server-side testing, feature flags, search and product recommendations, our solutions are designed to help you achieve your goals and take your digital experiences further.

Google Cloud Marketplace

With AB Tasty available on the Google Cloud Marketplace (GCM), product and marketing teams can easily integrate AB Tasty’s digital experience tools into their existing Google Cloud vendor relationships, without the need for time-consuming vendor certification processes. 

The streamlined marketplace transactions and standardized terms also provide added peace of mind, requiring less involvement from legal and contracting teams, and enabling product teams to deploy AB Tasty solutions quickly and efficiently.

It also means businesses can be more flexible and agile if they want access to our experimentation tools to quickly set up accounts and contracts through Google. Businesses with an annual commitment to Google Cloud can easily incorporate AB Tasty solutions into their existing packages and quotes, while also gaining access to established vendor relationships with Google Cloud. 

Additionally, the partnership allows businesses to take advantage of Google Cloud’s flexible billing options, as GCM automatically breaks up annual commitments into monthly charges on their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) bill. This makes it easier for businesses to manage their digital marketing budgets and adjust them according to their needs. 

Finally, it enables businesses to count their AB Tasty departmental spend against their broader GCP Cloud infrastructure committed spend, helping them maximize their overall investment in Google Cloud. Partnering with Google Cloud and AB Tasty provides businesses with a more streamlined and cost-effective approach to digital marketing.

Our Strengthened Relationship with Google

Following the announcement of our integration with Google Analytics 4  (GA4) and AB Tasty being chosen at one of Google’s vendors of choice after the sunset of Google Optimize, this news takes our relationship with Google to new heights:

“As the first platform to integrate bi-directional synchronization with Google Analytics 4, and being one of the three partners highlighted by Google for the Optimize sunset, AB Tasty has established strong ties with the tech giant.” said Remi Aubert, CEO and Co-founder of AB Tasty. “Moreover, as one of the top Google Cloud partners and the largest digital native on the platform, AB Tasty is the ideal partner for navigating the Google Optimize sunset.

As AB Tasty continues to help clients improve each touchpoint of their customer experience journey, we’re pleased to cement our ties with Google so strongly. Our work with Google fuels the growth of our software for experimentation, personalization, recommendation and intelligent search. In an increasingly competitive market, this strategic alliance provides businesses with the competitive edge they need.

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