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Groupama increases quote submissions with EmotionsAI

10%increase in quote submissions

2point increase passage to next step

Groupama is a multinational insurance group operating in 10 countries. They turned to AB Tasty’s EmotionsAI to help better adapt their testing strategy to fit their wide range of customer profiles.


Groupama wanted to find a way to better adapt their A/B testing approach to fit customers unique emotional needs. They already had a testing solution in place but were curious about the innovative emotional targeting from EmotionsAI.


An A/B test was created focusing on the quotes form. The “Intuitive” segment was shown a reassuring message on the quote form promising the protection of their private data. Meanwhile, the “Rationals” segment was shown the form without the extra messaging, allowing them to continue without distraction.


Within 2 weeks, Groupama had their results. It was an instant win, with targeted messaging from EmotionsAI leading to a 10% increase in quote submissions. They also saw a 2 point increase in passage to the next step of the quote form, nudging customers further through the funnel.


With an early success of the first test, Groupama decided to implement EmotionsAI due to the immediate return on investment they saw.

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