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Groupama augmente le nombre de demandes de devis grâce à EmotionsAI

10%augmentation du nombre de demandes de devis

2points dans le passage à l'étape suivante du formulaire

Groupama is an international insurance group present in 10 countries. The group turned to AB Tasty’s EmotionsAI solution to help it better adapt its testing strategy to the diversity of its customers’ profiles.


Groupama wanted to find a way to better adapt its testing approach to the unique emotional needs of each of its customers. They already had a testing solution in place but were curious about EmotionsAI’s innovative emotional targeting.


An A/B test was carried out on the quote request form. The “Intuitive” segment received a reassuring message on the form, guaranteeing the protection of their personal data. The “rational” segment saw the form without any additional messages, which allowed them to continue without being distracted.


In the space of two weeks, Groupama has already obtained convincing results. EmotionsAI’s targeted messages led to a 10% increase in quote requests. They also saw a 2 point increase in moving to the next step in the form, allowing customers to move further in the purchasing process.


The first test having been successful, Groupama decided to deploy EmotionsAI thanks to the immediate return on investment observed.

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