How TUI Optimized its Product Pages to Increase Conversions By 79%


Increase in Conversions on Desktop & Tablet


Increase in Conversions on Mobile

TUI is the global frontrunner in the travel and tourism industry, with an expansive portfolio that includes tour operators, cruise liners, aircraft, and hotels. Currently, the company caters to 27 million travelers planning holidays across 180 regions. TUI has been working with AB Tasty’s European teams since 2016.


Appealing to users in the early stages of holiday planning is crucial for travel brands today. Not only is the industry competitive, but travelers are constantly being swayed by the vacations they see on social media feeds—making indecision another obstacle in the booking process. TUI wanted to optimize its product pages that listed available vacation packages. The goal was to increase user engagement at this early stage in the customer journey and encourage visitors to move to the next step in the funnel (selecting dates for their trip).

Test Idea

TUI decided to experiment with the visuals and call to action (CTA) paired with each vacation offering using an A/B test. In the original version, on desktop and tablet devices, the CTA, “Choose dates,” was highlighted beneath the destination image with a blue banner.

TUI product page
Original: A small arrow icon on the CTA button signaled that by clicking, a user would move to the next step in the funnel.

In the variation, the CTA was changed to, “See dates,” and was placed above the destination image next to the price per customer. In this layout, the destination visual was resized to fit the entire width of the section, in the hopes of being more eye-catching to users.

TUI test variation
Variation: An icon of a calendar was placed inside the CTA button to signal that by clicking, the user would be taken to the date selection page.


Tui mobile UX
How the original layout appeared on mobile


TUI mobile variation
How the variation appeared on mobile


In addition to using larger visuals, we reworked the UX of the page to make it easier to get to the first step of the purchase funnel from the product page,” said Mourad Tabiti, Web Performance Manager, TUI France



Increasing the image size and changing the call to action to “See dates” proved to be more effective in engaging visitors. Conversions increased by 79% on desktop and tablet, and an incredible 150% on mobile.

This new variation resonated better with TUI’s website visitors. The cleaner layout made the UX even easier to navigate, while the CTA was more aligned with the browsing mentality users had at this stage. Not to mention, the larger images helped browsers visualize themselves at each destination—which may have just been the push they needed to book the trip.

"AB Tasty allows us to easily test our new page templates so that we can test whether they work, and to monitor in real-time the impact on our conversion rates, on desktop as well as mobile." - Mourad Tabiti, Web Performance Manager, TUI France