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Julie’s Inspiring Career Journey at AB Tasty:

From Store Manager to VP Product, Experience & Platform in the SaaS industry in 9 years

Julie’s career at AB Tasty is a testament to our company’s core values, exemplifying the exciting opportunities for growth and transformation within our organization.

Before joining AB Tasty, Julie navigated the world of retail, building her skills and seeking new adventures. In 2015, armed with a newfound determination, Julie embarked on a career change, pursuing an MBA in e-business as a testament to her commitment to innovation and growth.

In May 2015, Julie embraced the opportunity to join AB Tasty as a Customer Success Manager (CSM), bringing Client Satisfaction from day one. Her dedication to exceeding client expectations and delivering exceptional results quickly became evident, propelling her forward in her journey.

By 2017, Julie had risen to the position of Senior CSM, demonstrating her ability to make a tangible impact and drive results. Her relentless pursuit of excellence resonated deeply with both our ‘We are impactful’ and ‘We go above & beyond’ values, as she consistently went the extra mile to ensure client success and satisfaction.

AB Tasty has listened to me, trusted me, and supported my wishes and ambitions since the very beginning of our collaboration, I have achieved a perfect balance between personal fulfillment, feeling valued, and providing impact for the company.

Julie Dumont, VP Product, Experience & Platform

In 2017, when Julie expressed her desire to transition into User Experience (UX), she demonstrated impressive motivation. Julie undertook projects outside her CSM scope, such as organizing VIP days with top clients and hosting workshops on UX principles. She also embarked on a self-directed learning journey, devouring UX literature to enhance her skills. Above and beyond, that’s right!

Her efforts paid off, and Julie transitioned to the role of UX Project Manager within the product team a year later, in January 2018, marking the beginning of a new chapter in her journey within AB Tasty. Her talent and dedication continued to shine, leading to promotions as Lead UX Designer in June 2018 and Product Designer Manager in July 2019.

During her tenure as Product Designer Manager, during the challenges of the Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdown, Julie also unofficially took on the responsibilities of a Product Manager in the realm of Personalization. This added role played a significant part in her progression to the position of Product Experience & Design Director in April 2020, where she further integrated Product Manager skills into her repertoire.

Life at AB Tasty

In July 2021, Julie’s leadership abilities were formally recognized as she assumed the role of Product Director, embodying again and again our Client Satisfaction value by leading the Product Management team and the design team as one team with endless dreams. 

In February 2024, Julie’s journey continued in her appointment as VP Product, Experience & Platform, reporting to our Chief Product Officer (CPO) JY. In this key role, Julie oversees Product Managers and the design team, contributing significantly to AB Tasty’s strategic direction and success.

Julie’s remarkable ascent within AB Tasty is a testament to her unwavering commitment, relentless drive for excellence, and alignment with our core values.

Julie’s outstanding journey serves as a beacon of opportunity and achievement, showcasing the incredible career paths available at AB Tasty. We are immensely proud to have Julie as a valued member of our team, and we look forward to witnessing her continued success and impact in the years to come.

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