CRO training

For those who want to go further, our customer success teams have identified the knowledge and skill sets essential to building smooth customer experiences through experimentation and personalization.

Custom training tailored to you

These series of in-person masterclasses are tailored to your business objectives. The first of two modules covers the basics, while the second can be personalized to fit your maturity level, challenges and industry.​


Master the basics: people and processes. These 4 fundamental sessions that comprise our first module, lay a solid foundation to prepare your CRO team for success.

Go the extra mile

After completing your first module, you can choose additional classes to develop certain areas of interest:

CRO and human psychology

Traditional data analytics can tell you what happened, but not why. Get a deeper understanding of visitor behavior, to craft even better experiences.

Principles of persuasion

Reciprocity, rarity, affect, social proof...understand these principles of persuasion and more, including how to apply them to your marketing strategy.

Thinking mobile-first

The majority of your audience expect a mobile-friendly experience with your digital brand assets. Learn how to go mobile-first.

Psychological pricing

Learn how to apply simple psychological principles to pricing, in order to make an 'expensive' offer look acceptable.

Best of UX

Superior UX practically guarantees a naturally higher conversion rate, as well as better client retention and loyalty.

Maximizing lead gen

Learn how to define clear objectives and optimization tactics, and deploy well-structured test and personalization hypotheses.

Maximizing engagement for media

Media websites face particular CRO challenges, including how to create an effective paywall strategy. Get industry specific training.

Data science

Understand how to fully harness data to make even better decisions about your CRO strategy.

Why sign up for the Academy?​

Master essential CRO KPIs

Knowing how to properly assess your CRO strategy performance is half the battle.

Learn to use data to increase conversion rates

Learn how to get the most out of a data-driven approach to experimentation and personalization.

Understand your visitors’ behavior

Go beyond the what to the why - understand the root causes of behavior to create better experiences.

Internalize best practices

Create a culture of test and learn that will permeate your entire organization, starting with your CRO team.