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Do you want to increase your skills in CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) by following advanced and face-to-face training? It’s possible with the CRO Academy!

Want to become a CRO expert?

Become experts in conversion with CRO Academy
90% of companies say their CRO program (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is “extremely valuable” or “valuable” to achieve the strategic goals of their organisation.
With CRO Academy, you register your conversions in a process of continuous improvement thanks to personalised methodological support provided by experts.

*Source : Study Maximize Customer Value Through Strategic Conversion Rate Optimization, conducted by Forrester Consulting for AB Tasty, june 2018.

Discover CRO Academy

Do you want to grow your continuous optimisation program and evangelise the test & learn culture within your company? If so, CRO Academy is made for you!

The CRO Academy is a library of training modules continuously enriched by experts based on studies and global research. You get the best out of your CRO program by structuring your approach and developing your knowledge on specifictopics related to your business challenges.

Why join CRO Academy?

AB Tasty is certified as a training organisation. CRO Academy can be funded by your annual training budget.

How does CRO Academy work?

To truly meet your expectations and your needs, CRO Academy offers a modular support (between 4 and 6 modules to choose from) offered in 2 “blocks” of training:

  1. The first, composed of 4 inseparable fundamental modules to help you developyour CRO maturity.
  2. The second, composed of 8 modules adapted to your specific needs.

94% of companies say their CRO initiatives have improved customer satisfaction.

1: fundamental modules

Definition of Success and Testing Methodology

Are your key metrics clearly defined? Do you follow your continuous optimisation process? Is the pace of your tests optimal? We help you put in place effective processes within your company.

Adopt a culture of test & learn

Are there ways to evangelise the program? For 50% of companies, the management team is not involved in establishing success metrics. This is a big risk for your business!

Build your CRO team

Which team and which organisation to optimise your conversions? Establishing a CRO team, internal or external, is often an obstacle but remains an essential stepto improve your CRO.

Adopt the best tools

Are the right tools in place to structure your optimisation program? Insight, testing, personalisation, analysis, project management, dedicated communication… Discover which tools are best suited to your business and your objectives.

These 4 modules make up the fundamentals of the CRO and cannot be separated.

2: complementary modules to meet your specific needs

Data analysis allows you to understand what happened but does not explain why.Optimise the analysis of your metrics to put in place coherent actions.

Reciprocity, rarity, authority, commitment and consistency, affect, social proof … Learn all about the principles of persuasion and apply them to your marketing strategy!

61.9% of web traffic in France is now mobile. M-commerce will represent 45% market share in 2020. Thinking Mobile First is no longer an option

*According to the e-commerce mobile 2018 study

By applying some principles of psychology, it is possible to influence the perception of price and to transform a product perceived as “very expensive” into”very acceptable”.

By providing a better user experience, you naturally increase the conversion rate of your site, your retention rate and the loyalty of your customers.

Define clear and tactical optimisation goals, deploy concrete test and personalisation hypotheses, and lead workshops directly on your website.

10% of media articles generate 90% of the traffic but 95% of the readers leave the site when faced with a classic paywall. Media websites respond to specific CRO features.

*Source: Médialab

How can we use the data in a relevant way to make the best decisions? Data science is a major decision aid to optimize its conversion rate.

Only 22% of companies are satisfied with their conversion rate!

Source: AB Tasty

Developed skills

How can we benefit from CRO Academy?

Are you already a customer or are you thinking of deploying our CRO All-in-One solution? With CRO Academy, you have a global training offer available, at your own pace and specific to your needs to accompany you throughout the use of thesolution.

Ready to become a CRO expert?