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For marketing teams
For product teams


Experiment & Personalize
High Ease-of-Use
Advanced Targeting & Modifications
  • A/B, split and funnel testing
  • Personalization campaigns
  • Visual and code editor, preview for QA
  • Support for dynamic websites
  • Audience builder with 30+ criteria
  • Nudge engagement (30+ widgets)
  • Reports & analytics
  • Advanced stats engine
  • Standard support
  • Standard SLA


Experiment & personalize at scale
Optimization w/ algorithms
Advanced orchestration
Everything in Essentials, plus:
  • Multivariate testing
  • Predictive testing
  • AB Tasty Innovation Labs
  • Behavioral and transactional targeting
  • Built-in advanced audiences
  • Audience metrics
  • Data Explorer
  • Premium support
  • Standard SLA


Unlimited capabilities
Enterprise grade features
Integrate w/ your ecosystem
Everything in Growth, plus:
  • Third-party audiences
  • DMP/CDP connector
  • Data Explorer API
  • Orchestration Public API
  • SSO Enterprise
  • Premium+ support
  • Advanced SLA


Available on all plans, as options

Dynamic Nudge Engagement

Social Proof Messaging

Real-time social proof and urgency messaging

Image Matchmaker

Real-time auto optimization of image selection

UX Analytics

Session Recording

Understand user behavior without any hassle

Net Promoter Score

Monitor user satisfaction with NPS

Starter (free)
Feature Management
  • Feature flags
  • Feature toggling
  • Progressive rollout
  • Reports & analytics (last 2 days)
  • Events, views & transactions metrics
  • Unlimited campaigns and projects
  • Up to 5 team members
  • Access rights management
  • Standard support
  • Standard SLA
Feature Management
Experimentation & Personalization
Everything in Starter, plus:
  • Use cases library
  • Progressive rollout with auto-rollback
  • Experimentation
  • Personalization
  • Dynamic traffic allocation
  • User segmentation (up to 10 keys)
  • Reports & analytics (unlimited)
  • Up to 10 team members
  • Premium support
  • Standard SLA
Feature Management
Experimentation & Personalization
Auto-optimization algorithms
Everything in Growth, plus:
  • Auto-optimization
  • Data Explorer API
  • Premium 3rd party connector
  • Enterprise SSO
  • Premium+ support
  • Advanced SLA

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