5 Winning CRO Strategies for the Holiday Season


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We want to give our customers ideas for winning CRO strategies and we are going to do it with an added Christmas cheer! Implementing successful digital strategies can drive conversions, enhance user experience, and ultimately lead to a thriving online presence during the busiest times of the year.

The influx of online traffic during the holiday season demands a seamless and engaging website to keep and convert visitors into customers. In this webinar, we’ll delve into the significance of a top-notch digital presence and how it directly impacts sales and customer satisfaction. Additionally, we’ll showcase real-life success stories from our clients, giving the benefits of using winning strategies.

We are joined Alex Dyson from Merkle – a global data-driven performance marketing agency renowned for its expertise in customer relationship management, analytics, and digital marketing strategies.

We’ll look at how changing online behavior means you need to change your CRO strategy, with insights from the Luxury sector as well as predictions for 2024!

Join us as we share our winning client stories from Merkle and AB Tasty in order to make sure that you have a winning CX strategy.

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  • Alex Dyson
    UX Research Lead
  • John Hughes
    Senior Partner Marketing Manager
    AB Tasty

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