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AB Tasty Unleashes New GA4 Integration for Next-Level Experimentation

We know how important data is to our clients. Understanding what people are doing on your website, app, or mobile site, is vital for businesses to create the best digital experiences. To meet customer demands for a more personalized experience, brands turn to AB Tasty to optimize at every stage of the digital customer journey.

And now we’re taking your data-driven optimization strategy even further with our GA4 integration.

What this integration means for marketing teams

By connecting AB Tasty and Google Analytics 4 (GA4), marketing teams have a clearer vision of how visitors interact with their site via advanced analytics on CPA, conversion rate, bounce rate, SEO and traffic. This integration means you can use data from either tool to better understand the effects of your experimentation during or post-rollout and drive more innovative ideas with data-backed hypotheses.

With this simplified integration, you can seamlessly connect Analytics with AB Tasty enabling you to leverage the robust reporting and intelligence features of Analytics, while taking advantage of our digital experience software.

The AB Tasty and Google collaboration offers businesses a powerful toolkit for optimizing their digital experiences and driving better results. By combining advanced analytics capabilities with sophisticated testing and personalization features, businesses can gain a competitive edge and deliver more value to their customers, deepen their understanding of users’ behavior and preferences, and use that knowledge to create more effective and engaging experiences.

With the ability to test and personalize every element of their digital experiences, businesses can ensure that their websites, apps, and campaigns are optimized for maximum engagement and conversion, ultimately leading to increased revenue and customer loyalty. In short, the AB Tasty and Google integration is essential for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

AB Tasty partners with Google Cloud

As AB Tasty strengthens its partnership with Google, we are delighted to announce that we are an official Google Cloud Partner

This means that clients and partners can access AB Tasty’s digital experience tools and Google’s secure platform. Engage and activate your clients through AB Tasty’s suite of products, testing and experimentation, personalization, server-side testing, feature flags, search and product recommendations, to create resilient digital products, make exceptional customer experiences, and deliver strong business results.

A continued partnership

This strategic alliance is crucial for businesses looking to offer exceptional products and services to their customers. By harnessing the advanced capabilities of AB Tasty’s platform and Google Cloud’s cutting-edge technologies in AI and ML, this partnership promises to empower companies in delivering optimized solutions that drive superior outcomes for their consumers.

Businesses with an annual commitment to Google Cloud can easily add AB Tasty solutions to their packages and quotes with ease. The partnership will also enable customers to access existing vendor relationships with Google Cloud, streamlining the deployment of AB Tasty on the platform.

Google Optimize Sunset

AB Tasty is excited to be a launch partner for Google Analytics newly released experimentation dimension and to help Google Optimize customers transition to new software.

By making the move to AB Tasty, you can gain access to top-of-the-line experience optimization tools to elevate your digital experiences to the next level. For companies that have progressed further in their CRO journey and require more extensive experimentation capabilities, AB Tasty provides a superior solution.

Discover the perks of our advanced solution that delivers a range of integrations with diverse providers, personalized features, pre-built widgets for optimizing the customer journey, and expert CSMs and account managers to offer personalized support throughout the entire contract period. This includes seamless transfer of your test history and data from Google Optimize.

Improving each touchpoint for your customers and learning from every product and feature rollout can have a big impact on your ROI.

The GA4 and AB Tasty integration levels up your ability to create highly personalized experiences for each step of the customer journey with a wide range of audience targeting options and in-depth data on user behavior.

Are you ready to make the move?

The post-Google Optimize world doesn’t have to be bleak. 

As one of Google’s top picks as your new A/B testing platform, AB Tasty is a best-in-class A/B testing tool that helps you convert more customers by leveraging experimentation to create a richer digital experience – fast. This experience optimization platform embedded with AI and automation can help you achieve the perfect digital experience with ease.

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