Black Friday: How to Increase Profit During the Online Shopping Frenzy

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Black Friday takes place on Friday, November 26rd this year. It has long been the busiest shopping day of the year in America as it kicks off the holiday season, the time of year when consumer spending is at an absolute peak. According to a forecast by the National Retail Federation, sales will be up 4.1% this year, meaning shoppers expect to spend on average $1,007.24 each. This is a massive opportunity for ecommerce sites and digital marketers to reach shoppers ready to spend.

Black Friday officially begins at 12:01 AM on Friday, November 23, 2018. This means that some sites will already have special deals up Thursday night into Friday. On Black Friday 2017, sales started to peak as early as 12:30 AM!

Even though we know that shoppers start early, many ecommerce sites still wait until as late as Friday morning, between 7-10 AM, to launch their Black Friday offers. This year, starting early will be easy, as you can get fully ready to optimize your site in mere minutes through our special marketing campaigns!

Highlight your promotional offers

Express clearly highlight its 40% discount on everything

Displaying a promotional offer directly on product pages is the best way to boost the sales of your flagship products. By using a specific color and a form that stands out against your usual graphic charter, the user’s attention will be drawn directly to this new element!

The simple pop-in

Colorado Kayak Supply advertises its Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale.

Sometimes the simplest solution is also the most effective. The best practice is to create a personalized trigger determined by various criteria: type of site user (new visitor or recurring), delayed triggers that only activate after a few moments on the site, triggers linked to a specific action, etc.

During Black Friday or Cyber Monday, products can sell out in a hurry! Your site visitors will know this. Guide them towards the most enticing offers directly from your homepage. Your users won’t be able to miss this promotional message, without it ever being overly intrusive to their browsing habits.

Add a countdown clock to your arsenal

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now marked down on everyone’s calendars in countries around the world. Internet users count days and even minutes. After all, everyone knows: Black Friday starts at 12:01 AM!

Add a countdown clock to keep your target audience keyed in and up-to-date on the big day. It takes only thirty minutes to set up a widget similar to this one.

Don’t forget a promotional banner

The indispensable promotional banner is designed to fit in seamlessly with your user navigation. Visible without ever being intrusive, this addition can make all the difference in the customer journey. Remind users of the day’s promotions, the percentage of the discount, the promo code, etc. An abundance of reassuring elements can allow your visitors to convert more smoothly.

Get ready for Black Friday 2021, which promises to be a record-breaking year for online sales. Request a demo of our tool to discover the full scope of our marketing campaigns!

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