How To Build a Successful Customer Support Team

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Why is Customer Support Important?

Put simply, poor customer support will cost you. This facet of your business contributes to clients’ overall satisfaction, and when done well, cultivates loyalty, increases the likelihood of referrals, and further establishes your company’s credibility. According to Invesp Consulting, increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits by 25–95%.

But, what exactly are consumers’ expectations regarding customer service? And what does a superior customer support team look like?

Consumers’ expectations for customer support


It starts with understanding your customers and focusing on a few fundamentals: responsiveness, attentiveness, clear communication. At AB Tasty, we’ve taken a three-pronged, personalized, approach that includes a dedicated Customer Success Manager, Technical Support Engineer, and Key Account Manager for each client. We strongly feel this structure is a large contributor to our 96% retention rate.

Read on to learn more about the AB Tasty customer support team, and the tips we’ve learned for establishing excellent customer service.

 Customer Success Managers 

Customer Success Managers collaborate closely with clients to ensure seamless everyday use of our platform and campaign success. CSMs offers test ideas, analyze campaign results and build roadmaps to maximize conversions based on clients’ needs.


 Technical Support Engineer 

Technical Support Engineers help set up tests, maintain quality assurance, and can code more advanced campaigns tailored to a client’s unique needs, as requested.

 Key Account Manager 

Key Account Managers speak regularly with clients to ensure our platform meets and exceeds their expectations. KAMs present user feedback to the product team to drive our internal optimization.





Build a Customer Support Roadmap

As with everything, having the tools, the team, and the data is just half of the battle. For success, you need to execute a strategy, and customer support is no different. At AB Tasty, we establish dedicated check-ins to review tests, analyze results, and adapt roadmaps accordingly to help meet specific client goals.


Of course, impromptu questions, requests, and check-ins are factored into this timeline—and are encouraged! Our overarching goal is to provide customer support that’s proactive, not reactive, through client collaboration.

Key Takeaways

Whether you’re building a Customer Support team or looking for ways to optimize your approach, keep these key takeaways in mind:

  • Build a comprehensive customer support framework: live chats, chatbots, responding on social media, email—these are just a few examples of how customers seek out support. (Pro tip: track which mediums are most popular/preferred by your customers.)
  • Always look for a learning opportunity. Your support team is another pipeline for understanding your customers’ needs, roadblocks, and level of satisfaction with your company. Think critically about what your customer support team is helping with clients with—is there a chance to improve the product, documentation, or UX for better usability?
  • Know your customer. Business is about building lasting relationships with clients. Anticipate their needs and tailor your support; client satisfaction is about meeting and exceeding expectations.
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