How to Create a Culture of Experimentation

Creating the right environment to use testing and experimentation is key to success. In this webinar, we will be looking at the challenges faced by organizations when moving to a CRO mindset. Online Dialogue will discuss how to create a culture of experimentation and get advice from vidaXL on how they started this journey and the amazing progress they have made.

  • During the past two years, vidaXL transformed its CRO program: starting out with a single CRO specialist, they have built a culture of experimentation in which multiple teams use experiments to validate their ideas;
  • Three types of psychological resistance stand in the way of implementing a successful culture of experimentation for many organizations: reactance, scepsis, and inertia;
  • VidaXL managed to avoid these forms of resistance by adopting ways of working aimed at making colleagues feel that they are part of the experimentation process.

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Joost Baalbergen
Chapter lead Psychology, Online Dialogue
Bram Meulen
CRO Specialist, Vida XL
Hanneke Verhoef
Strategic Alliances Director, EMEA, AB Tasty

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