E-commerce: Do you Have All the Data you Need to Get Started?

AB TastyBlogE-commerce: Do you Have All the Data you Need to Get Started?

To better respond to the needs of online retailers, we have just added some new transactional KPIs. These indicators will help you to evaluate the impact of your test more precisely, whilst illuminating metrics, such as the average shopping cart development or the average number of products ordered.

As an online retailer, you need specific data to draw conclusions from your A/B tests and making enlightened decisions requires more than a mere transaction rate. The total number of transactions, average cart value, number of products ordered, are equally indicators that you will need.

With more than 250 e-commerce references, we have developed a good understanding of the problems retailers encounter and offer solutions to the demand for reporting dedicated to tailor-made indicators. We are the first testing solution to produce this level of information, without the need for a third party analytics tool to conduct a complex analysis. You can now access all of this useful data in one place:

  • Total revenue generated per variation with a  projection of revenue if 100% of the traffic were received.
  • Total number of transactions with deduplication. The duplication approach conceals the impact that your optimizations have on your ability to generate repeat purchases. Even if certain industries are exempt from these problems (i.e. the data is similar for the two approaches),  it is far from the case for all and industries.
  • Revenue per visitor. This helps to measure how much a client brings in and compares it to your cost of acquisition.
  • Average cart. This indicator informs you of whether or not the modifications, among other things, that have had a positive impact on your conversion rate, are detrimental to your cart average.
  • Average number of products per order. It offers answers to the following questions: does your site generate enough cross sales? Are your product incentives to increase purchases effective? This indicator works in conjunction with the average cart indicator.
  • Average price of the products ordered.

Finally, a daily report is available, in addition to the usual cumulative report, to spot anomalies that may skew your analysis (e.g. technical problems with your purchase funnel).

Ecommerce Report

To benefit from this advanced report, you must first make a small, but necessary, modification to your e-commerce tag. Check out the online documentation for more information. We encourage you to make this modification quickly, but rest assured, if you don’t, your transaction goals will still be tracked. Please note, however, these two new indicators will not be available to you: average number of products ordered and average product price.

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