Code of Conduct and Sustainability

Code of Conduct and Sustainability

  1. Introduction
  2. Business integrity
    • Anti-corruption
    • Fair competition
    • Conflict of interest
    • Financial reporting
    • Corporate governance
    • Environmental
  3. Working conditions & Human rights
    • Anti-slavery
    • Fair working conditions
    • Diversity and inclusion
    • Child labour
    • Compensation and benefits
    • Health and safety


AB Tasty is committed to conducting its business at the highest ethical levels. We have adopted this Code of Conduct and Sustainability (hereinafter the “Code”) to demonstrate our commitment to ethical business conduct, compliance with relevant laws and regulations and that such conduct is a fundamental part of our values and corporate culture. The Code is a fundamental internal guide to upholding the trust of our stakeholders. 

AB Tasty expects a similar degree of commitment from all of its partners and suppliers.

Business Integrity

  1. Anti-corruption

AB Tasty employees may not offer, ask, give or accept, directly or indirectly, any undue advantage for personal gain to or from any third party, unless it can be constituted as being within the boundaries of accepted business practices such as representation and reasonable hospitality given in the ordinary course of business. In most countries, gifts or benefits to government employees or public officials are considered a violation of law.

AB Tasty will not offer money or any gift to an official or employee of a governmental entity, except for symbolic gifts of insignificant monetary value, provided this is allowed by law.

  1. Fair competition

AB Tasty is firmly committed to fair competition and open markets. We remain firm believers that free and fair competition works in our favour allowing AB Tasty to provide expected quality and cost-efficient communication services to our customers. 

Accordingly, AB Tasty complies with all applicable competition laws and for example does not engage in collusive practices or monopoly foreclosures.

  1. Conflict of interest

Conflicts of interest impair our ability to act with excellence. When business decisions are made by AB Tasty, conflict of interest should be avoided, so that decisions are always in the best interest of AB Tasty, its customers and partners. Personal relations or considerations shall never influence AB Tasty’s decision making. This includes not only potential gains given to AB Tasty’s employees, but also to relatives and friends of AB Tasty’s employees. 

Should any party have knowledge of any situation which could be considered as a real or perceived conflict of interest shall be promptly disclosed to the relevant parties. 

  1. Financial reporting

AB Tasty is required to follow strict accounting principles and standards (IFRS), to report financial information accurately and completely, and to have appropriate internal controls and processes to ensure that accounting and financial reporting complies with legislation. The integrity of AB Tasty’s financial records is critical to the operation of AB Tasty’s business and is a key factor in maintaining the confidence and trust of our shareholders. AB Tasty must ensure that all transactions are properly recorded, classified and summarised in accordance with AB Tasty’s accounting policies. 

  1. Corporate governance

AB Tasty strongly believes in transparent and consistent corporate governance practices and abides by all applicable laws, regulations and standards applicable to its particular industry under the national laws of the countries where AB Tasty is doing business. AB Tasty will always strive to meet industry standards whenever possible.

  1. Environmental

AB Tasty complies with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and considers the environmental, health and safety implications of the business decisions to be made.

We apply a precautionary approach towards environmental and climate matters, and to protect biodiversity and ecosystems and strive to reduce and optimise the consumption of energy, water and materials shall be promoted. 

To support that approach and among other initiatives, AB Tasty sponsors a beehive, as  bees are essential to the health of our food supply and balance of our ecosystem. 

Working conditions & Human rights

  1. Anti-slavery

Modern Slavery is a violation of fundamental human rights. AB Tasty has zero tolerance for Modern Slavery. AB Tasty implements actions to provide a working environment that respects employees’ rights and well-being, including : 

– AB Tasty doesn’t oblige employees to work under threat of force; 

– AB Tasty recognizes employees’ right to freely leave their jobs, subject to compliance with their notice period;

– AB Tasty covers the costs of employment eligibility, including recruitment fees, and any required work visas, for all employees, including migrant workers; 

– AB Tasty Employees are free to move around the workplace (except in areas restricted for security or confidentiality reasons), can use the toilets at any time, take breaks and have access to drinking water.

  1. Fair working conditions

AB Tasty Employees are not required to work more than the normal and overtime hours authorised by the laws of the country in which they are employed. 

They may work from home on certain days of the week, subject to the conditions set out in internal policies. 

Employees’ rights to free association and collective bargaining, in accordance with the laws of the countries in which they are employed, are recognized and respected at AB Tasty.

  1. Diversity and inclusion

At AB Tasty, we value diversity because it enhances the value of our teams. We strive to create a working environment in which everyone feels valued and respected. 

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment, with regard to wages, access to training and promotion, whether based on ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, union membership, political affiliation or age.

  1. Child labour

AB Tasty respects the right of children to development and education. Exploitation of child labour is totally unacceptable. 

No one is employed at an age younger than the legal minimum age for working in any specific country and in no circumstance shall any AB Tasty worker be younger than 16 years of age. The employment of people under the age of 18 is only possible under the following conditions: work in dangerous conditions is forbidden, night work is forbidden, working hours must allow the completion of compulsory schooling, as well as the protection of the child’s physical and mental development.

  1. Compensation and benefits

AB Tasty employees receive at least the total minimum wage required by applicable national legislation. 

Wages are always sufficient to meet basic needs. This means that AB Tasty provides decent wages, a decent wage being remuneration received by an employee for a standard working week in a specific location, which is sufficient to ensure a decent standard of living for the employee and his/her family.

Wage deductions for disciplinary reasons and those not provided for by national legislation are prohibited.

  1. Health and safety

AB Tasty complies with all applicable health laws and regulations by providing a clean, safe and healthy working environment for its employees. 

A process is in place to identify health and safety risks related to their activities, assess them and implement appropriate risk mitigation measures.

AB Tasty ensures that its employees are aware of and understand emergency evacuation procedures, that escape routes are safe and accessible, that first aid kits are available at all workplaces, and that a sufficient number of first aiders are trained in emergency procedures.