Accelerate idea-to-release cycles with minimal risk​

Easily collaborate with product and engineering teams to build the most innovative and seamless user experiences through risk-free deployments and experimentation. With a progressive rollout mindset, teams can stay agile and deploy with assurance.

Optimize experiences on every device

Consumers don’t live in silos. Optimize across all devices, from desktop to mobile app to connected devices.

Server side experimentation & personalization

Target specific audiences using personas, create an unlimited number of scenarios using any combination of segment criteria, and rollout or personalize feature experiences.

We support your stack

Choose whatever implementation method works best for you: our agnostic API or one of our available SDKs. We deliver everything you need for experimentation, personalization, and feature management, leveraging CDN's all over the world and enabling a bucketing or API approach based on edge location.

Innovate faster with less risk

How can product teams innovate and ship faster, while minimizing risk and maximizing outcomes?

Engineering teams

Product teams

Feature flags
with Flagship

Managing feature flags on complex and multiple environments can get tricky. With Flagship, organize your flags in any way and create any flag type: Boolean, true/false, number or string. Quickly see which segments are exposed to what flags, and their corresponding results. Scale at the pace of your ambition.

Progressive deployment and KPI triggered rollback

Set deployment intervals to automatically rollout your features over time, and monitor their reception with associated KPI's. Hit a snag? Deployment automatically rolls back when KPIs dip below a certain threshold. Minimize risk - and headaches - for your team.

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Flagship, the feature management platform by AB Tasty, recognized as leader in The Forrester New Wave™

Feature Management And Experimentation, Q2 2021

Performance reports & KPI tracking

Keep track of your feature management strategy by setting KPIs on all your tests and deployments on Flagship. Track adoption, results of A/B tests and personalizations across across audience segments. Monitor deployment success metrics and empower your devops teams with data insights and control on deployment strategy.

Use cases

Speed up deployment with less risk

We want to be quicker and more efficient in our releases, without increasing any risks. Flagship lets us do this thanks to the different functionalities available in the platform, as well as the advanced experimentation to optimize our product.

Alexandre Duarte
Alexandre Duarte
Head of Product