Reduce returns and accelerate purchases with Guided Selling

Curate a shopping experience that boosts customer confidence in their purchases and reduce the rate of return with product filtering tailored to their needs and habits.

Deliver a more customized shopping experience

Reduce returns and purchasing hesitancy

Expedite product discovery for faster purchasing

Connect shoppers to their ideal purchases quicker

Consumers nowadays are faced with choice paralysis, leading to a record number of product returns. 

With Guided Selling, provide a search experience that helps shoppers find the perfect product for them.

Visual experience that simplifies buying

Visitors are led through visual filters that help them identify the right product for them

Let visitors shop how they want

Visitors can narrow down through attributes (luggage size, makeup foundation color, computer specs, etc.) and/or based on context (family vacation, skin type, computer usage, etc.)

AI-powered personalization

As visitors explore product options, results are filtered based on their selections and personalized with AI.

Zero-party data on your visitors’ preferences

Learn your shoppers’ product preferences as they discover your catalog through this unique experience. 

Meet your visitors’ virtual shopping assistant, powered by AI

Generate a database with your visitors' buying habits and product catalog. We work with you for additional columns such as fit (loose, tight, and petite) that help build the Guided Selling experience.
Seamlessly integrate Guided Selling with a frontend placeholder.
Work in a test environment, then go live with providing customers with a virtual product advisor on your e-commerce site.
Connect to our intuitive backend for in-depth analytics and insights.
Tailor the experience based on seasonal deals and sales priorities, providing the best experience and impacting your bottom line.

How do virtual shopping assistants work?

Discover the different forms of virtual shopping assistants available in e-commerce and the advantages they bring to you and your customers.