Lower bounce rates and guide customers with intelligent categories

Accelerate the purchase journey and show customers their desired products in milliseconds. Sort, filter and rank products based on business priorities, or use our AI algorithm to prioritize products relevant to your shoppers for a truly unique experience.

Boost conversions with personalized product listings powered by AI

Reduce bounces
by letting visitors explore your catalog

Fast-track purchasing with intelligent filters and sorting

Improve product discoverability with full merchandising control

Showcase your catalog

As more and more customers add to their cart directly from the category page, a personalized Product Landing Page is a must-have. Transform your PLP into a conversion gold mine with Intelligent Categories. 


Intelligent Categories provides you with all the features you need to create an intuitive browsing experience.

Adaptive filters & facets

Adaptive filters and facets, personalized results, and multiple sorting options help your visitor overcome choice paralysis and convert faster.


The Search & Recommendations workspace gives you full control over merchandising possibilities, with the ability to manage results by promoting or demoting products.

AI-powered personalization

Harness the power of AI to display personalized results that are relevant to your visitors and your bottom line.

Upgrade product listing pages and remove shopper frustration with intelligent category management

Generate a knowledge base by uploading your product catalog along with click and purchase behavior for our intelligent search solution.
Implement the intelligent category features to your online store with ease including results management, adaptive filters, banners and more.
Configure your intelligent product categories and monitor and analyze them to optimize your strategy.
See the positive effect on conversion rates from relevant search results as customers are guided to their desired products.

Why you win with online category management

Explore what category management means, its goals, and how it can be used to achieve your business goals for successful online marketing.