Get visitors to what they want to buy, and what you want to sell

A fast, AI-powered search engine that personalizes results and gives you full-control. Improve bounce rates, provide the best experience and lead visitors to relevant results that meet their priorities and yours.


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click-rate in PLPs with intelligent ranking

Get visitors to products in milliseconds

Reduce bounce rates and boost catalog discovery

Personalize results with a powerful AI engine

Adapt results to business priorities

Personalized search results with full control


When your customers search, they’ll find

Our powerful search solution gets customers to the products they want to buy while providing opportunities for catalog discovery.

Faster journeys

Search results calculated in miliseconds. Get customers to products and content quickly.

Fixes mistakes

Recognizes errors and corrects them avoiding zero-hit pages. 

Adapts to language

Adapts to colloquialisms and common language usage. Search by item number, product properties, and more.


1-1 personlized search results with AI

The AI engine calculates real-time relevant search results for every individual visitor. The search results display the products that correspond to the preferences of your customer in the moment.

Real-time personalization

Personalized product & content results based on visitor website & purchase behavior.

18 years of AI expertise

Data mining is used to recognise patterns and correlations with machine learning and reinforcement learning used to provide personalized results.

Seamless personalization

The same AI engine powers Search and Product Recommendations, providing visitors with a seamless personalized journey.


Full control, no black box

Searchandize your results. Our intuitive backend allows you to understand results and manage rules to provide relevant search results for business and for your visitors.

Meet business priorities

Easily manage the rules to promote or demote products. Merchandise your content and product search strategically. 

Showcase campaigns

Leverage search results for campaign real estate by adding visual banners to your e-commerce search engine. 

Banish ‘no results’

Avoid customer frustration and provide recommendations instead of ‘no results’.


Guide visitors to the perfect product & reduce returns

Consumers nowadays have so much choice within a product line. With Guided Selling, provide a search experience that helps shoppers find just the right product for them.

Are they looking for cabin or checked luggage? For long-distance or low-cost flight bag sizes? 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled luggage?

Guided Selling is an e-commerce search solution that provides in-store service with online efficiency. 

Avoid choice paralysis

Visitors are guided through an experience that helps them find the perfect product based on attributes (size of luggage, number of wheels) and/or context (weekend away vs. family vacation).

Reduce Product Returns

When customers have found just the right product for their needs, they’re less likely to return it and you’re less likely to have to deal with the growing cost of managing returns.

Get zero-party data

Guided Selling provides you with granual insights in to the product preferences of your visitors. 


Personalize your PLPs

The gateway to your PDPs, personalized category results and easy merchandising are a must. With Intelligent Categories, facilitate browsing and product findability with personalized category pages, and dynamic filters and facets. 

Better product findability, lower frustration

Personalized category results with dynamic filters and sorting that automatically adapt to the category.

Easy merchandising

Manage rules to prioritize overstocked items, high margin items, trade marketing deals, etc.

Promote campaigns

Leverage your PLP real estate for campaign banners. 

Everything you need to get your visitors from A to B

Results management

Promote or hide individual products in the results.

Content search

Display relevant content in the preview box like blog articles.

Product sorting

Sort products by relevance, price, sale products, etc. with various parameters to boost discovery.


Search with keyword combinations including product properties. For ex: 'blue evening bag small'

Banner Management

Highlight campaigns in the preview box or at the top of PLPs.

Fault tolerance

Manage spelling mistakes and include a “Did you mean” function.


Easily manage synonyms, colloquialisms, alternatives and exclusion of keywords.


Provide intelligent product and content suggestions in the search preview.

Facet navigation

Narrow down the products and simplify search with filter options: color, size, brand, etc.

Advanced analytics

Deep-dive into search term, click, and revenue performance

Content redirection

Send visitors directly to payment and delivery conditions.

Search by article number

Recognizes and corrects input errors for article numbers/product IDs.

Search that generates real revenue growth

Boost your AOV by 10% with AB Tasty Search

Peek & Cloppenburg increased the number of orders from online search by 29% which impacted their total sales by 10%.

Optimize your strategy with deep analytics

Monitor and manage your search strategy with our intuitive workspace back-end. Optimize the relevance of your search terms by seeing if words searched match content visited. Review metrics to measure the ROI of your strategy, including click and revenue performance.

Simple integration for fast go-live and quick results

Widget or API, you decide

Integrate via widget or API depending on your resources & stack preferences. Whether your team is lean, or your looking for an enterprise search solution - AB Tasty Search has the flexibility you need to get started quickly.

How search integration works:

1. Ingestion of your product catalog in XML or CSV

2. Tracking code added for click and purchase behavior.

3. Build together the front-end placeholder.

4. Fine-tune the AI algorithms to match your business.

5. Train you on the back-end workspace to get you and your team up and running in no time.

Every business is different

That's why our teams can help you:

- Clean up your product feed, aggregate data and manage missing attributes in line with your search needs

- Adjust the search algorithm for example for error tolerance sensitivity, field weighting and ranking.

- Help you select filters, sorting and autosuggest preview. .

- Help you with the graphic preparation of the search experience.

We're known for our great CSMs

Our friendly CSMs don't just help you use the solution to its full potential, they also provide you with ideas on how to best optimize your search strategy.

AI technology for
hyper-personalized search

18 years of AI expertise power AB Tasty Search’s AI-based personalization engine. Leverage real-time data to analyze user behavior and tailor search experiences to each individual visitor. 

Why choose AB Tasty as your preferred EOP?

Customer Experience Optimization (CXO)

Market Leaders

As a Forrester Wave leader and with first-rate G2 peer reviews, over 1000 brands trust us to help their marketing and product teams optimize and innovate.

Pragmatic Support

Loved for our friendly and local support, as an AB Tasty customer you’ll gain invaluable insights from our global digital strategy experts to help you scale faster. 

Privacy & Security

The protection of personal data is important to AB Tasty. We are GDPR and CCPA compliant, and support cookieless options. 


We understand that website performance is vital. AB Tasty provides multiple features to optimize performance and a flicker-free experimentation & innovation solution. 

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