Personalize the customer journey

Serve tests, pathways, and content to the audiences who will respond best


Target pages

Target pages based on URL(s), URL patterns or on pages containing specific elements


Target behaviors

Trigger experiments and content based on specific behaviors like scrolling or adding to cart


Save your audiences

Save groups of criteria as high-value audiences, like people who return frequently or spend a lot

Third Party Data

Use third-party data

Enrich AB Tasty’s native criteria with existing data from CRMs and DMPs

Extensive behavioral targeting

Our library of targeting criteria around behavioral metrics includes purchase behaviors like time since last purchase, or browsing behaviors like displaying intent to exit. By segmenting groups of behaviors, you can ensure your visitors take the optimal journey through your sites.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Build audiences to reflect your buyer personas

Our Audience Builder feature lets you save groups of targeting criteria into high-value segments. Name your audiences, and reuse them in experiments and personalization campaigns to home in on your target market.

See the uplift from personalization

Similar to a web analytics platform, we collect robust data on personalization campaigns to track performance of KPIs like visits, clicks, and conversions.

Predictive Marketing


Perfecting Your Personalization Strategy

Check out this ebook for insider tips, industry stats, internal how-to guides and client examples about creating effective personalized experiences for your website visitors.

Increase your sales and website conversions

All the tools you need to optimize your conversion rates, together in one platform