Adapt to the buyer journey with personalization

Today’s buyer journey is complex. Personalization lets you adapt to your visitors in real time, to optimize your funnel by making every step of the buyer journey relevant.

Personalization is the new brand loyalty

  • The results are in. 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize and remember their customers to provide relevance.
  • Over 70% of AB Tasty campaigns use personalization in the forms of content segmentation, real-time relevance, and 1:1 messaging

Target Behaviors, Attributes, and Interests

The attributes, interests and even behaviors of your users can feed many data clues into our algorithms to create a holistically personalized experience—even during their first visit.

Tend to Every Touchpoint

Our Widget Library gives you easy-to-use templates for personalized content at every step of the customer journey, combining elements like discount offers or urgency messaging with our range of targeting criteria.

Trigger Real-time Relevance

Trigger rule-based changes to information or content on your sites—like a Social Proof widget that indicates a certain product is a hot commodity.

Integrate to Centralize

Leverage any of our CDP or DMP integrations to easily re-use your audiences or segments created in other platforms.
NEW: AI-Powered Psychographic Segmentation

Thanks to our brand new Content Interest segmentation criteria, it’s now possible to easily build segments based on the interests of your visitors.
Natural Language Processing and keyword matching tech do the heavy lifting, identifying the types of content – from TVs to bathrobes – each visitor is interested in. In one click, build relevant segments so that you can deliver on target and contextual experiences that convert

NEW: ML-Powered Engagement Level Segmentation

No two of your website visitors are at the exact same stage of the buyer journey. Why serve up identical experiences to both someone who’s just discovering your brand and someone who’s been an enthusiast for years? With Engagement Level, you don’t have to.
Our machine learning algorithms analyze your website’s traffic to suggest four segments: Disengaged, Wanderers, Valuable Visitors, and Loyal Clients. Match the right experience to the right segment to bring them down the funnel to conversion.

A.I. For Your Data

Personalization is powered by data. Our selection of in-depth targeting criteria includes AI-powered fields to ensure your campaigns are as relevant as possible. For example, Engagement Score clusters visitors to assess level of interest, while Content Intent creates an affinity profile for your users using natural language processing (NLP). With smart data working behind the scenes, run powerfully converting campaigns with ease.

Segmentation Made Simple

Create, save and re-use Audiences that matter most to your business. Our plethora of behavioral and attribute targeting criteria connects with our Universal Collect data infrastructure to give the most robust segmentation capabilities on the market—even after the first visit.

Content For Every Encounter

Our Personalization Widget Library includes pre-built widgets to help engage and retain your visitors with personalized content, code-free.

Whether you’re displaying the weather in your visitor’s area or offering a limited-time-offer to your big spenders, our Widget Library prioritizes speed and ease-of-use so you can respond to any event, and sale, and any season.

Real-time Relevance

Whether prices, inventory, or social buzz, real-time data can be key to converting the visitor with limited time and attention. Our platform includes a variety of real-time data tools, like our Social Proof widget that uses urgency messaging to indicate limited supply or a lot of buzz.


What happens when you combine experimentation and personalization? Compounded conversion uplift. Our advanced optimization features do just that. For example, our Image Matchmaker widget automatically tests and implements the top-converting product images, which you can then deploy to your optimal audiences for compound optimization.

3rd party integration

Connect AB Tasty with your DMP, CDP, Data lake, Data layer and reconciliate Offline and Online data.

  1. Create powerful personalization strategies
  2. Combine third party data with our Universal Data Collect to create more granular segments

Best in class Customer Success accompaniment

To help you building your personalization strategy we have a team of experts in:

  • Ecommerce / Retail
  • Travel
  • Lead generation
  • Media

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