Creativity in Experimentation


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What is your website optimization strategy missing? Creativity.

Website optimization is all about problem-solving. In turn, effective problem-solving boils down to creativity. Anybody can Google answers that have been used a thousand times over, or rely on ‘best practices’ that countless of your peers (and competitors) have already tried. For truly new, innovative and effective solutions to your website optimization challenges, you need to get creative.

Establishing your own creative process doesn’t happen on its own. That’s why we’ve organized this webinar, during which conversion rate optimization experts from User Conversion and AB Tasty will walk you through why you run into problem solving issues, what you can do to be more creative, and how to find more unique, effective website optimization ideas – and solutions – to your CRO challenges.


  • Exceptional examples of creativity within experimentation
  • Why it’s more difficult than ever to be truly creative – and what to do about it
  • What we do and recommend to be more creative with your experiments and ideation process


  • David Mannheim
    CEO and Head of Optimization Strategy
    User Conversion
  • Mariana Durandard
    Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant
    AB Tasty
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