Elevating Customer Engagement with Student Beans

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  • John Hughes
    Senior Partner Marketing Manager
    AB Tasty
  • Sapphire Samiullah
    Product Lead
    Student Beans

Learn about Student Beans’ approach to identifying product opportunities and highlighting the importance of continuous testing to enhance brand image and drive conversions. 

With a focus on feature experimentationthis webinar will showcase app experience.

Sapphire Samiullah, Senior Product Lead at Student Beans, and John Hughes, Senior Partner Marketing Manager at AB Tasty, showcase how they harness data-driven insights to optimize their customer journey. 

Learn about:

  • Optimizing for app performance
  • How Student Beans organize their team to get better results 
  • Ideas for tests, sprints and continuous improvement 
  • Real experiments that have worked


Outlining Student Beans brand approach to drive CX innovation and deliver impactful results.

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