Exceeding Customer Expectations in a Post-Pandemic World


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How can you Set your digital experience apart in a post-pandemic digital world?

According to a study conducted by Forrester, in 2022, brands will lose 50% of sales on out-of-stock items unless they compensate with customer experience (CX) optimization. Optimizing the customer experience is and will be even more of a differentiator and a true competitive advantage in the coming years.

Our experts will explain to you why and how to build an experimentation program in order to become the leader in your industry.

In this webinar Thomas Husson and Marylin Montoya will discuss:

  • The overall context of CX
  • How to measure CX with customer loyalty
  • Current challenges
  • How Some Actors Succeed
  • The key ingredients for success


  • Thomas Husson
    VP Principal Analyst
  • Marylin Montoya
    VP Marketing
    AB Tasty
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