Mastering Customer Engagement with Tula

In this webinar, Tula Skincare, the renowned probiotic skincare brand, outline the challenges they face in getting data-driven personalization and customer engagement.

We explore how to access first-party data, including implicit and explicit data, to enhance the customer experience.

We share strategies on how to make customers feel valued and rewarded for sharing their information. How to do that while creating a seamless customer journey. Fun ways you can engage with your audience. Lastly, get insights into the collaborative teams and processes necessary to be able to test and experiment in these areas!

Webinar Highlights:

  • Accessing first-party data: Implicit and explicit insights
  • Engaging through interactive quizzes: Tula’s success story
  • Seamless data collection: Adding value without interruption


Celina Wong
Sr. Director of Analytics and Strategic Insights, TULA Skincare
Marielle Nwana
Analytics Manager, TULA Skincare
Mary Kate Cash
Head of Growth Marketing, North America, AB Tasty

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