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From A/B testing to automated optimization, enter a continuous cycle of improvement with our experimentation engine

A/B Testing

A/B/n Testing

Build and compare two or more variations of the same element


Split Testing

Redirect traffic to new pages hosted on your servers


Multivariate Testing

Test combinations of changes to understand how they interact


Funnel Testing

Display changes consistently across multiple pages

Test any idea. Easily.

Using our visual editor, anyone can easily add experiments– no coding required. Sometimes the most basic tests can have a profound impact, which is why we designed our WYSIWYG editor for anyone to use.

WYSIWYG Editor 2

Focus on your core audiences

Trigger tests based on our huge selection of criteria: URL, geolocation, weather, purchase behavior, and tons more. If you've already got your audience segments centralized, you can even connect your DMP!

Success Story

Yves Saint Laurent saw time-to-value in 30 minutes

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty is known around the world for their luxurious skincare, makeup and fragrance products for men and women. With our WYSIWYG editor, they deployed a new version of their homepage that tested elements on their menu for greater transaction volume. See the impressive numbers of their campaign.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

Let the data drive

AB Tasty reports on your custom goals in real-time, and displays confidence levels to help you make the right decisions at the right time. For quick time-to-value, our dynamic allocation option helps automate the testing process to find winning variations faster.

A/B Testing Reporting

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