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Building an ROI-Driven Testing Plan with AB Tasty Partner, Roboboogie

After our amazing digital summit at the end of 2020, we wanted to sit down with Matt Bullock, Director of Growth at Roboboogie to learn more about ROI-driven design.


Tell us about Roboboogie and your session. Why did you choose this topic?

Matt: Our session was titled Building an ROI-Driven Testing Plan. When working with our existing clients, or talking with new potential clients, we look at UX opportunities from both a data and design perspective. By applying ROI-modeling, we can prioritize the opportunities with the highest potential to drive revenue or increase conversions. 


What are the top 3 things you hope attendees took away from your session?

Matt: We have made the shift from “Design and Hope” to a data-backed “Test and Optimize” approach to design and digital transformation, and it’s a change that every organization can make.

An ROI-Driven testing plan can be applied across a wide range of conversion points and isn’t exclusive to eCommerce.

Start small and then evolve your testing plan. Building a test-and-optimize culture takes time.  You can lead the charge internally or partner with an agency. As your ROI compounds, everyone is going to want in on the action!


2021 is going to be a transformative year where we hope to see a gradual return to “normalcy.” While some changes we endured in 2020 are temporary, it looks like others are here to stay. What do you think are the temporary trends and some that you hope will be more permanent?

Matt: Produce to your doorstep and curbside pickup were slowly picking up steam before 2020. Before the end of the year, it was moving into the territory of a customer expectation for all retailers with a brick-and-mortar location. While there will undoubtedly be nostalgia and some relief when retailers are able to safely open for browsing, I do think there will be a sizable contingent of users who will stick with local delivery and curbside pickup. 

There is a lot of complexity that is added to the e-commerce experience when you introduce multiple shipping methods and inventory systems. I expect the experience will continue evolving quickly in 2021.


We saw a number of hot topics come up over the course of 2020: the “new normal,” personalization, the virtual economy, etc. What do you anticipate will be the hot topics for 2021?

Matt: We’re hopeful that we’ll be safely transitioning out of isolation near the end of 2021, and that could bring some really exciting changes to the user’s digital habits. We could all use less screen time in 2021 and I think we’ll see some innovation in the realm of social interaction and screen-time efficiency. We’ll look to see how we can use personalization and CX data to create experiences that help users efficiently use their screen time so that we can safely spend time with our friends and family in real life. 


What about the year ahead excites the team at Roboboogie the most?

Matt: In the last 12 months, the consumer experience has reached amazing new heights and expectations. New generations, young and old, are expanding their personal technology stacks to stay connected and to get their essentials, as they continue to socialize, shop, get their news, and consume entertainment from a safe distance. To meet those expectations, the need for testing and personalization continues to grow and we’re excited to help brands of all sizes meet the needs of their customers in new creative ways.

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