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CX Optimization Webseries APAC: Episode #3 – The Importance of Continuous Optimization in A/B Testing

 Testing as well is such a benefit from de-risking that decision making.

– Tom Shepherd, UX Lead at David Jones

Hosted by Serena Ku, Senior CSM at AB Tasty

Featuring Tom Shephard, UX Lead at David Jones

In the fast-paced world of digital commerce, A/B testing and continuous optimization are important processes allowing brands to refine strategies, improve customer experiences, and increase conversion rates over time.

One huge pitfall many businesses face is they look at what their competitors are doing and assume that it will work for them too. But remember, things are not always as they appear. 

In this third episode of our CX Optimization Web Series, Tom Shepherd, UX Lead at David Jones joins Serena Ku, Senior Customer Success Manager at AB Tasty to discuss the importance of Continuous Optimization in A/B Testing.

Discover how a business perspective can shift from “we think” to “we know”.

Episode #3:

Why is it important for brands to run A/B tests?

The main benefits are improved content engagement, increased conversion rates and reduced bounce rates. 

If you’re not A/B testing, you may already be behind your direct competitors. This by itself is a compelling motivation for why brands should start testing. Speeding up the time it takes to bring an idea or a concept to market is another benefit worth considering A/B testing.

Take note, businesses need to level up and be able to keep up with behavioral changes and look for opportunities where experiences are not achieving the results they  should be.

The Role of AB Tasty to empower David Jones’ CRO strategy

In a traditional UX setting, it is quite frustrating when you invest a lot of time mocking up experiences, taking those to customers, and later finding out that they just don’t work. 

The Australian luxury department store, David Jones, takes experience optimization seriously. They look closely to understand their customers in all facets. Using GA4 and FullStory, they can draw out ideas and build solutions that will make an experience more seamless, removing friction. With AB Tasty, they launch these experiences quickly and expose them to their customers to gather valuable insights. 

As a discipline within the user experience team, David Jones leverages AB Tasty and analytics tools to marry quantitative data with qualitative insights delighting every customer.

Winning customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is all about the experience. Its essence in the e-commerce landscape is where the digital store has made each customer feel highly valued.

Perfecting the art of customer loyalty requires both creativity and precision.That is why, like your local store attendant, EmotionsAI helps brands understand the emotional needs of audiences to bolster your Experience Optimization roadmap with effective messages, designs and CTAs that activate your visitors.

Factors to consider when testing?

Truly knowing your customer demographics and understanding their behaviors online will allow you to create a well-formulated hypothesis. Consider the time of the year when you launch a test. Is it an off-peak season, are you running promotions, or clearing stocks?  Analyze your data and focus on where your conversion points are. 

Tom suggests iterating and running as many follow-up tests as possible. If you tested something that worked, you might be up to something even greater. So test more iterations to unlock more results.

The wrap:

The strongest path to customer loyalty, higher conversion, and a customer base nobody can touch is having ‘differentiated experiences’. Start with a deeper knowledge of your industry and beyond. Know your customers and empathize with them. Be mindful that behaviors and preferences are ever-changing. Continuous optimization helps you adapt, execute strategies, and stay ahead of the game.

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