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A unified experience with Epoq joining AB Tasty website

We are once again thrilled to share that as a continued part of our strategy to optimize how you access AB Tasty’s platform of experimentation and personalization solutions, Epoq by AB Tasty is being streamlined to join the AB Tasty brand and website.

AB Tasty’s acquisition of Epoq in October 2022 realized a shared vision of empowering digital teams to deliver relevant and engaging shopping experiences along the consumer journey and brought search and product recommendations to our best-in-class experience optimization platform. 

Placing Epoq within the AB Tasty brand represents an exciting next step for AB Tasty as we consolidate all our solutions under one place and one name. 

The AB Tasty and Epoq websites are now one. All resources and landing pages previously hosted on Epoq’s website ( can be found in one location on the AB Tasty website (

If you have questions about what this means for you, you’ve come to the right place. Below we will dig into what is changing, helpful links and resources and some general FAQs.

As always, our team of AB Tasty magic makers are available to answer any additional questions that might pop up along the way. If you have any more questions after reading this, don’t hesitate to send us an email at and we will update this page as needed.

How are AB Tasty and Epoq related?

AB Tasty acquired AI-powered personalization provider Epoq, ushering in a new era of experience optimization. Through recommendations and intelligent search the acquisition expands AB Tasty’s best-in-class offering to provide relevant and engaging customer experiences. Simplifying access for digital teams (from marketing to product to technology) by providing a single platform that delivers a 360-degree view to further optimize the digital customer experience.

What do you mean when you say merge? Will the Epoq website be gone for good?

By merging we mean all content around our leading Experience Optimization Platform will be available on one website. The Epoq website will no longer be available but all the search and recommendation content you have come to love will not disappear and will continue to be available on the AB Tasty website. New articles and insights to help you build your 1-1 personalization strategies will continue to be added. 

Why are we merging the Epoq and AB Tasty websites?

The website merge is aimed to make it easier for everyone to access all the information around AB Tasty’s EOP solutions in one place, including content around the products, technology and impact.  Grouping together the combined knowledge of Epoq and AB Tasty’s experts in one resource hub, giving marketing and product teams best practices and insights into experimentation and personalization strategy.

What will happen to all the resources (blog posts, guides, e-books, etc.) on

Epoq’s resources section will be moved to the AB Tasty website. All the Epoq content will be redirected to help customers find the content quickly and easily. 

How can I log into Epoq? And where can I access the documentation?

You can log into the Epoq Control Desk, the new AB Tasty Search & Recommendation Workspace, through a link on the AB Tasty website in the upper right corner. The documentation can be accessed through the menu of the workspace called “Developer Documentation” where you will be forwarded to our knowledge base.

Will there be any changes to the products or services offered?

The products and services offered will not be changed themselves. The joint product range will become a unique platform for optimizing the digital customer experience, offering our clients even more opportunities to differentiate and stand out in the market.

How will the merger affect customers who are new to Epoq? Where can I sign up for a demo for AB Tasty’s intelligent site search and recommendation solution?

If you’re new and you’d like to try out AB Tasty Search or Recommendations, click the banner below or click the “Get a demo” button on the top right-hand corner of the page to explore how AI-powered 1:1 personalization can help you deliver memorable digital experiences.

Have any additional questions about Epoq and AB Tasty? Send us an email at to let us know and stay tuned for more exciting updates and information still to come!

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