How Frette Increased Revenue By Over 8% With AB Tasty

AB TastyBlogExperimentationHow Frette Increased Revenue By Over 8% With AB Tasty

We sat down with our client Frette to discuss the luxury industry and how they use AB Tasty to optimize their website and increase conversions. 

Frette’s brand is steeped in history. Established in 1860, the craftsmanship of its luxury linens is akin to ritual: long fibers made from carefully curated raw materials, expertly woven for a smooth, uniform, finish. Frette sheets have been the bedding of royal families, an adornment on the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica, and a feature of renowned hotels. To think of Frette’s name is to think of exceptional quality, authenticity, heritage.

In the luxury industry, there’s always been a strong emphasis on the buying experience. It’s imbued with tradition, a sense of ceremony. But how does that translate to the digital landscape?

We spoke with Frette’s Senior Manager of E-commerce, Vivienne So, and their E-commerce Specialist, Autumn Casarez, on Frette’s approach to creating engaging, on-brand, user experiences using AB Tasty.

As Vivienne noted, it’s not a matter of Frette establishing, “the brand we want to become, but the brand we want to be known as.” With a strong company heritage and a clear understanding of their brick-and-mortar customer experience, Vivienne and Autumn were focused on determining how they wanted to engage with customers via these “newer” channels and what the visual communications should look like.

“[Frette’s user experience] is less like old-school luxury, which is kind of secretive and esoteric, and more modern in the sense that shoppers nowadays want to know the credibility and authenticity behind the brand. Why is something priced as luxury versus just premium? It’s more about product education and brand education with the rich history we have at Frette”

– Vivienne So, Sr. Manager  of E-commerce at Frette

Another large facet of Frette’s strategy is targeting. Especially for luxury retailers, targeting needs to be extremely precise. Generally, luxury shopping is marked by a long life cycle between purchases due to the high quality of products and price point. As Vivienne notes, “it’s not about just pushing our best-selling products but…exploring options that are complementary to what [customers] have purchased and creating more opportunities to buy.” Personalization is also paramount; if a user is coming to the site from an email campaign, they should land on the exact campaign page they’re interested in, with the code they need to apply readily available, to make the exchange frictionless.

To further refine their user experience, Frette conducted an A/B test with AB Tasty to see if modifying their top navigation bar would optimize the customer journey and increase traffic to certain pages. Noting that bathrobes were the top search item on their site, they decided to more clearly reference them in the header. 


By tweaking the language from “Bath Linens” to “Bath Linens & Robes” and implementing action tracking, Frette detected an increase in clicks to the “Bath Linens and Robes” category by 29.14%, and an increase in visits to bathrobe pages by 101.52%.

Then they turned their attention to the purchasing funnel. When users would click on the shopping cart on the top of the site, a customary pop-up would appear with a preview of their selected items and the option to “Proceed To Checkout.” Generally, luxury shopping is marked by long lead-in times, so Frette decided to tweak this language to the less definitive “View Shopping Bag” to create a more fluid transition from browsing to purchasing.

With this small adjustment, visits to Frette’s shopping cart page increased by 5.18% and total revenue went up by 8.69%.

The ease at which Frette has been able to deploy these tests and website modifications has been essential to their strategy. In fact, Autumn and Vivienne said usability was a key factor in their decision to use AB Tasty. The two cited how simple it was to edit web pages, and how data reports indicate the statistical reliability of each test for straightforward analysis—features that weren’t available in their previous conversion rate optimization software.

Frette was also swayed by the customer service; from their initial onboarding to more seasoned testing, a Customer Success Manager has been on-hand to offer individualized guidance and insight.

“We had been using [a previous conversion optimization tool] and it wasn’t user-intuitive, you really needed to work with an agency to do something very simple—you couldn’t really customize it to track specific things for a campaign, not in the way that AB Tasty allows you to. What we’re doing with AB Tasty now on our own, we would not have been able to do before.” 

– Vivienne So, Sr. Manager  of E-commerce at Frette

Agility is key when tackling conversion rate optimization. The ability to test, learn, and personalize at an accelerated rate is what elevates user experiences. As Frette proves, changes to a website don’t need to be drastic to yield results—it comes down to collecting data, anticipating user needs, and having the autonomy to follow your instincts.

To read more about how businesses have found conversion rate success with AB Tasty, check out our Client Stories page. 


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