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Luxury Brand Frette Increases Revenue By Over 8% with Web Copy Optimization

8.69%Increase in revenue

2A/B tests

Frette has been a symbol of luxury since its establishment in 1860. Its linens have been draped across the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica, were the bedding of choice for European royal families, and continue to be a staple of five-star hotels.


In the luxury industry, there’s always been a strong emphasis on the buying experience. Retailers have imbued it with a sense of ceremony—exclusivity paired with exceptional customer service to create a one-of-a-kind exchange. One of the challenges luxury retailers face today is translating the in-store experience to digital platforms.

For the Frette team, bringing the brand ethos online meant creating a frictionless user experience. Their website needed to be receptive to visitors’ interests while having an elegant design and easy-to-navigate interface. Frette focused on optimizing the website’s top navigation bar and the call-to-action on the shopping cart pop-up to ensure synchronicity between the UX and online shoppers.

Test Idea

Frette conducted a simple A/B test to see if modifying the top navigation bar would optimize the customer journey and increase traffic to certain pages. Noting that bathrobes were the top search item on the site, the team decided to clearly reference them in the header. So, they changed “Bath Linens” to “Bath Linens & Robes” and implemented action tracking to chart the results.

navigation bar


Then, Frette focused on the purchasing funnel. When users would click on the shopping cart in the top corner of the site, a customary pop-up would appear with a preview of selected items and the option to “Proceed To Checkout.” Luxury shopping is generally marked by long lead-in times, so Frette decided to tweak this language to the less definitive call-to-action, “View Shopping Bag.” The goal was to create a more fluid transition from browsing to purchasing in which customers didn’t feel rushed.


shopping cart pop-up


While these website modifications were relatively minor, they had a significant impact on engagement and sales.

By adding “Robes” to the Bath Linens title in the top navigation bar, Frette was able to increase clicks to this category by 29%, and visits to bathrobe pages grew by an astounding 101%. As for changing the checkout semantics, the wording “View Shopping Bag” increased clicks by 5% and bumped total revenue by 8.69%.

These two A/B tests each took approximately 15 minutes to implement, without any IT support. Having the autonomy to test and learn is crucial for website optimization; it allows for precision in your strategy so even subtle changes have a pivotal effect on visitors’ satisfaction.

“We had been using [a previous conversion optimization] tool and it wasn’t user-intuitive, you really needed to work with an agency to do something very simple—you couldn’t really customize it to track specific things for a campaign, not in the way that AB Tasty allow you to. What we’re doing with AB Tasty now on our own, we would not have been able to do before.” – Vivienne So, Sr. Manager of E-commerce at Frette

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