How to Make the Perfect Call-to-Action for Facebook Ads

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Call-to-actions, or CTAs as they are often abbreviated in the marketing industry, refer to that catchy, two-to-three word title that encourages your visitors to click through to learn more. Some call-to-actions are simple, such as, ‘learn more’ or even ‘buy now’, and others, such as those used on social platforms, can be longer, more descriptive lines of copy that appear as ‘click-worthy titles’. Facebook is a great example of a platform that allows a call-to-action to be more descriptive than simply a ‘read more here’ button, allowing marketers to use some clever and intuitive techniques to create high-converting adverts on the world’s most popular social platform.

If you’re looking for some tips on making the perfect call-to-action on your next Facebook advert, check out our top 6 tips to publishing high-performing ads that will hopefully increase the click-through rates on your next campaign:

#1: Know Your Audience

Chances are, you’ll already know who you are targeting with your new campaign, but it’s important to bear in mind exactly who you are talking to when you’re creating your Facebook ad. Facebook notoriously allows anyone running paid campaigns to gain as much data as possible on their target audiences. From demographics, relationship status and even location – you have a whole lot of data at your fingertips, so make sure you identify segments of your potential visitors before creating the adverts.

If you’re talking to a certain age-group, make sure to use language that appeals and targets them specifically, likewise with the imagery you use. Even the call-to-action language needs to be tailored depending on who you’re talking to. Use personalization and address the reader as an individual to create more of a direct communication link.

Another good example of an engaging and enticing title on the ad

#2: Get Creative With Your Title

The next part of your Facebook ad to focus on is the actual title of your advert – the first line of copy that users will see. This is imperative to the performance of your advert, as a high-performing ad will engage with users who are scrolling through their feeds and only give milliseconds of their time before deciding to click through or scroll on. Think of your title as being an extended call-to-action, stick to a few words – being brief is key to attracting a visitor to click through and learn more. Use emotive language and appear to solve a problem – don’t confront your readers with an issue as they are less likely to respond or click through. Your title could be a leading question that seemingly addresses them directly. Some great examples of creative titles are:

‘Looking for a great new hairbrush?’

‘Need a new diet plan?’

Or this one…

A direct question will engage and address

By seemingly targeting the user directly with an open question, like, ‘are you wasting your marketing budget’, it grabs attention and makes the reader want to learn more.

#3: Use Keywords That Your Audience Recognizes

A high-performing call-to-action will include language or key terms that your audience will be familiar with, to ensure you are using phrases they recognize and can relate to. Conducting some keyword research before launching any marketing campaign is a great habit to get into – using research-led keywords to form your next campaigns will mean your users are much more likely to engage with the advert as they have either been looking up similar topics or browsing for the same phrases.

Your Facebook advert needs to be brief, so make sure to use language that your audience is actively looking for – after all, you want to be solving an issue that you know they may have, using words you know they may have searched for!

#4: Use A High-Quality Image

When it comes to standing out from the noisy, overcrowded Facebook feed of your audiences, imagery will be key to captivating and grabbing attention, coupled with your strong call-to-action and brief title! Images can really impact the conversion of a Facebook ad, and the higher the quality, the more opportunity your advert has of standing out and being memorable. Here is a great example of a marketer using a cute picture of a puppy getting stuck, to really grab the attention of her potential readers, disguising her advert as simply another popular puppy picture in your Facebook feed!

Example of high quality or engaging image from Facebook ads

Whilst it’s not entirely a great idea to be this off-topic, quality imagery is important for capturing that initial scroll and stopping your advert from going unnoticed in your audiences’ feeds.

Using your own imagery is the best way to truly represent your brand or product you are advertising, just make sure to show off your products in their best light – after all, your ad will be competing with puppies as well as internet memes so make it a good one!

#5: Include An Action Word

To make sure people do actually click through, your ad needs to be convincing enough to get people to take action – click on it!  You can think of your ad as a motivational speaker, using emotive and reactive language, with the purpose of making your reader act there and then. Speak directly to your audience and use actionable words such as ‘get started’ or ‘enjoy now’ and even the classic ‘learn more here’ – all of these phrases encourage your audience to act at the moment, directing them to perform an action. Whilst the average click-through rate on Facebook Ads is low, at around 0.90%, more than 26% of Facebook users have stated they have bought something directly from clicking through an advert in their feed.

Get clever with your actionable call-to-action and measure the success of your next Facebook advert on the average click-through rate – your advert may be outperforming the average CTR!

#6: A/B Test Everything

Of course, as with any great campaign, it is imperative to A/B test any advert you create, to see if tweaking small variations could increase its performance. Test everything from your title, call-to-action phrase, image – everything! Test the length of your advert description too, as some studies conducted on Facebook adverts have shown conflicting results on the length of a well-performing Facebook advert. An A/B test will enable you to quickly identify the features your audience responds well to, giving you the data needed to tweak the advert to an ultimately higher-performing advert overall.

Test the landing page you are leading people through too, even though you are focusing on a great call-to-action to initially attract and engage, once your audience has clicked through your advert, you need the next part of their journey to be just as relevant and of high enough quality.

Key Takeaways

To ensure you Facebook advert has the best-performing call-to-action your focus needs to be on creating a short, catchy title with actionable verbs to engage initially with your audience. Create a high-quality, descriptive advert that uses keywords you know people have been searching from previous research. As with any high-performing campaign, the key to success is knowing your audience segments as a personalized campaign is much more likely to out-perform a broader and less targeted one.

Imagery is key to making your advert stand out in busy feeds, so again, pick a high-quality picture to accompany your directional call-to-action, and finally, get testing! A/B testing your campaign will allow for continual development of your advert, changing it accordingly to how well audiences respond to it.

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