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Using a Deep Understanding of User Journeys through Heap to Fuel Optimization in AB Tasty

We’ve spent the past couple of months at AB Tasty developing our product integrations with the leading Product Analytics providers. In this post, I’m excited to highlight Heap. Not only does Heap feature my favorite color (dark purple) in its branding, it offers its users an unbridled view for product managers and marketers to see how their customers engage with and move through digital journeys.

We think that’s quite a feat, and we want to showcase how our customers can create actionable programs to capitalize on the insights provided by Heap.

Without having a full understanding of your basic user journey and the various offshoots that customers may take along the way, marketers and product teams are forced to guess or rely on qualitative feedback to improve, optimize, or build on digital experiences.

Evolution, rapid iteration, and growth begins with understanding precisely how your users behave and why.

You need to have a clear picture of your user experience to understand their frictional moments and have the ability to quickly and efficiently test different hypotheses and action plans to find the best way to resolve those pain points.

On the other hand, while experimenting to identify potential solutions, you need to have insights into their impacts and how they resolve a frictional experience.

Measure everything along the customer journey with Heap. Plan actions and set up experimentation and personalization campaigns to optimize your user experience with AB Tasty then analyze the results of your campaigns.

Allow me to take you through an example, which may hit home for many readers. I know it hits home with me, personally, although I am a proud member of #teamhotleads scrapping for the coveted demo request as opposed to shopping cart conversions. Anyway…

The journey starts with Heap. Within the Heap platform, you can track all aspects of your users’ digital experiences, identify critical drop-off points in the clickstream that prevent conversions while identifying ways to simplify and clarify steps for customers.

Maybe you have a snazzy new checkout page that has increased your purchase rate. How can you be sure you’re funneling the maximum amount of traffic to that snazzy new page to reach your full purchase potential? Enter Heap.

Use your Heap platform to pin-point exact moments in your users’ journeys that result in drop-offs or, spinning it as a positive, as we like to do, “areas for improvement.” Once you’re able to identify these less-than-optimal moments in the journey within Heap, you need to formulate a game plan to take action to improve your traffic flow to your snazzy new checkout page. How? Enter AB Tasty.

Within AB Tasty you can craft experimentation programs ranging from changing your button colors to targeting hyper-specialized segments of visitors with powerful personalization campaigns. Using your experimentation results, create optimization roadmaps that allow you a path to realizing your full traffic potential on that checkout page that you spent so much time developing.

Formulate hypotheses and create an action plan, then conduct precise personalization and experimentation campaigns with real-time and retroactive data with the AB Tasty optimization platform. Once you’ve taken action, you can measure the impact and track the success in the Heap platform.

This seems pretty tactical, right? Let’s take it up a few levels to understand where this can provide strategic value.

Running ad hoc experiments can sometimes yield surprising and valuable improvements in certain metrics. An experimentation roadmap can bring you even more impact to those improvements.

By focusing your experiments on targeted points within the customer journey and building a roadmap of your experimentation plan, you can achieve compounding improvements to your customer experience, and, as a result, your revenue goals.

To learn more about how to set up your AB Tasty campaign data with Heap, check out our knowledge base article.

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