Client Stories

Pour de bon feature (1)

French Online Marketplace Pour de Bon Increases Revenue by 25%

Download PDF version 25% More Total Revenue 12% Higher Transaction Rate +10% Clicks on ‘Continue to Payment’ What’s the promise … Read more

BW Image Matchmaker

Best Western® Hotels & Resorts Automates Image Optimization for 26% More Transactions

Learn how Best Western® Hotels & Resorts increased transactions by over 26% by automating their product page image optimization.

Skoda ab tasty

ŠKODA Jump-Starts Test-Drive Bookings with Countdown Banner

Learn how the automotive brand ŠKODA implemented a simple countdown banner – and drove up test-drive bookings significantly.

Avid Increases Transactions by 34% with Promotional Banners

Avid Increases Transactions by 34% with Promotional Banners   Download PDF version 34% Increase in Transactions 1 A/B Test Avid … Read more

How TUI Optimized its Product Pages to Increase Conversions by 79%

How TUI Optimized its Product Pages to Increase Conversions By 79% Download PDF version 79% Increase in Conversions on Desktop … Read more

AB Tasty Client Success Stories – Retail

Staying ahead of digital trends Read success stories from our Retail clients Consumers today are embracing a hybrid approach to … Read more

Luxury Brand Frette Increases Revenue By Over 8% with Web Copy Optimization

  Download PDF version 2 A/B Tests 8.69% Increase in Total Revenue 30 minutes Total setup time Frette has been … Read more

Havas Voyages feature image

Havas Voyages Personalizes Their Drive-To-Store Campaigns Thanks to Geo-Targeting

Learn how travel brand Havas Voyages created personalized campaigns using geo-targeting, encouraging engagement online and offline.

Orange final

Orange Boosts Clicks to Key CTA by 26%

Learn how Telecommunications giant Orange increased clicks to a key CTA with a simple landing page redesign using AB Tasty.

NXY Professional Makeup imagen del banner

NYX Professional Makeup Increases Transactions and Decreases Bounce Rate Using Social Proof Messaging

NYX Professional Makeup used simple social proof messaging to increase transactions and decrease bounce rate on their e-commerce site. Learn more.

Best western banner

How Best Western® Hotels & Resorts Increased Loyalty Program Engagement

Learn how Best Western® Hotels & Resorts used personalized messaging to increase client engagement with their loyalty program.

Keihl's AB Tasty case study

Kiehl’s Increases Revenue by 31% with Basket Page Optimization

A semantic incentive, coupled with a relevant visual, is the perfect combination for prompting an internet user to make a decision.


Lancôme Increases Revenue by 15% With Login Page Optimization

Learn how one design change on Lancôme’s login page lead to big ROI, thanks to AB Tasty’s WYSIWYG editor and one simple A/B test.


Petsonic Increases Traffic to Their Registration Page by 147% With One Pop-up

Learn how e-commerce site Petsonic increased traffic to their registration page by 147% with one pop-up


Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Increases Online Transactions by +10%

YSL Beauty was able to increase sales by an impressive 10%, simply by switching the order of one of their homepage tabs, thanks to an A/B test by AB Tasty.

Dannon Increases Loyalty Program Registrations by 29%

The iconic brand Dannon increases loyalty program registrations by 29%. How’d they do it? Using AB Tasty to test a simple pop-up redesign.

Damart and AB Tasty

Damart UK Increases Transactions by 29%

Learn how Damart, leader in the clothing retail industry for the senior market, increased online sales by 29% with a few changes to their product page. 

UNICEF France Maximizes On-Site User Feedback

Understand how UNICEF used a single on-site survey to optimize their homepage redesign. In conversion rate optimization, getting the right user feedback is key.

Urban Decay Increases Revenue by 7%

Learn how international beauty brand Urban Decay increased revenue by 7% by A/B testing a simple promotional banner.

Melvin and Hamilton AB Tasty

Melvin & Hamilton Increases Revenue by 34%

Learn how retailer Melvin & Hamilton boosted revenue by almost 6,700 euros in just one month, simply by A/B testing their women’s product page.

SuperShuttle AB Tasty case study

SuperShuttle Drastically Increases Engagement with Social Networks

Learn how SuperShuttle, America’s leading shared-ride shuttle service, used one A/B test to dramatically increase social network traffic.

La Redoute increases RPV by 2.7%

Learn how e-retailer La Redoute was able to boost revenue by +11,600 € over 6 weeks, with cleverly placed free shipping incentives.

agnès b. Doubles Online Transactions by Reducing Purchase Anxiety

agnès b. more than doubles online transactions thanks to A/B testing using AB Tasty! Download the case study to learn more about their optimization experience.

Gin kiosk new header

Gin Kiosk Raises a Glass to +27% Lift in Revenue

Gin Kiosk experiences +27% lift in revenue thanks to A/B testing using AB Tasty! Download the case study to learn more about their optimization experience.

Automotive – EN

At AB Tasty, we understand the need for speed. And by that, we mean site speed, after all: taking websites for a test drive is what we do.

Media – EN

Media outlets live and die by online subscriptions, as digital platforms continue to eclipse traditional print formats. At AB Tasty, we help our media clients optimize their website for maximum sign ups.

Home – EN

Household goods are the second most popular e-commerce category. Learn how our clients in this industry have optimized their conversion rates for increased online sales.

Food – EN

At AB Tasty, we like to say that CRO testing is like a recipe – you can always remix the ingredients for an even tastier future version. Read how we’ve helped our clients in the food industry rework their website optimization processes for optimal conversion rates.

Session Recording – EN

Our motto at AB Tasty? We empower marketers through actionable insights. Session recording is a powerful tool for gaining understanding how consumers experience your site.

Press – EN

Press and Magazines live and die by online subscriptions, as digital platforms continue to eclipse traditional print formats. At AB Tasty, we help our publishing clients optimize their website for maximum sign ups.

Engagement – EN

For better or for worse, the modern attention span is dwindling. Learn how to capture and re-engage audience attention with our custom widgets.

Lead Generation – EN

As the lifeblood of any conversion funnel, leads play a crucial role in any healthy business. Learn how AB Tasty helps our clients with the lead generation goals.

Finance – EN

Consumers place an enormous amount of trust in their digital financial service providers. It’s essential to reassure them with optimized online experiences – which can also go a long way in helping you reach your own CRO goals.

Ecommerce – EN

When it comes to e-commerce, every aspect of your website counts, from the hero image on your homepage down to the CTA copy of your payment confirmation button. Learn how AB Tasty e-commerce clients optimize their conversion funnels – and boost sales – with our platform.

Mobile – EN

Today’s consumers are unforgiving mobile – they expect shopping on their smartphone to be as seamless and easy as any desktop or in-store experience. AB Tasty helps our clients rise to the challenge.

Travel – EN

In the travel industry, your website must inspire visitors to dream of faraway places – and be grounded enough to make navigation, booking and payment confirmation simple and easy. AB Tasty’s ‘test and learn’ platform helps you get there.

Beauty – EN

Beauty industry experts help their clients be their most beautiful selves – and we at AB Tasty help you create the most beautiful, effective version of your website! Read how our clients have perfected their UX to increase their conversion rates.

Personalization – EN

The more personalized a digital experience is, the more relevant it is – and the more likely a consumer will be to convert. Learn how our clients have used our all-in-one platform to create effective personalized experiences for their website visitors.

Fashion – EN

In the fashion world, every detail matters – and that includes your website. Read how our clients have used our all-in-one CRO platform to optimize visitor experiences and boost conversion rates.

How Ashley Furniture Increased Conversions by +15%

Learn how Ashley Furniture was able to boost their conversion rates by 15%, just by simplifying the checkout process.

Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies for Lead Generation

Our team of data scientists and optimization experts have worked with countless companies around the world whose main goal is to improve their lead generation conversion rates.

Media Case Studies for Website Optimization

Over are the days when having an all-star team of journalists and a constant flow of riveting story ideas ensured fiscal success for your organization.

Top E-Commerce Conversion Optimization Case Studies

Here at AB Tasty, we like to think of ourselves as scientists – digital scientists if you will. And like … Read more

Ecco Shoes Case study Ab Tasty

How ECCO Shoes saw a 17% improvement in Product Page conversions!

With an overall objective to increase online sales, and an already high and stable number of regular online store visitors, the decision was made to engage AB Tasty to optimise the user experience on product pages.

Conrad: Do product videos really increase conversion rates?

Electronics are often highly technical products and buyers generally require a certain amount of information before they placing an order. … Read more

Case Study Retailmenot

RetailMeNot recovers investment in AB Tasty after 1st test

Specialist in online voucher codes RetailMeNot recovers investment in AB Tasty after first test!

Interview with Olympique Lyonnais’s Head of e-Commerce

“A very simple tool with very swift campaign creation” – interview with OL’s Head of eCommerce We were lucky to … Read more