Top E-Commerce Conversion Optimization Case Studies

Here at AB Tasty, we like to think of ourselves as scientists – digital scientists if you will.

And like any good scientist, we really love testing. It’s what we do: we examine, we question, we experiment, and we come up with all sorts of hypotheses about why consumers act in certain ways on websites. We then test these hypotheses, and through a number of different modifications try and determine what combination of website changes will lead to the greatest number of conversions.

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies around the world, facilitating testing of virtually every element of a website – from product pages, to headlines, to calls to action, to shopping carts.

And over the years, we’ve started to notice some trends, reoccurring patterns that pop up time and time again, with client after client.

Based on these lessons, we’ve compiled a list of three simple tests ideas for you to try, including real life case studies from clients we’ve worked with who have drastically improved their web conversion rates. Each example provides a clear takeaway that you can use as inspiration for your own test hypothesis.

So, without further ado, download our E-COMMERCE case studies for some serious experimentation inspiration.