RetailMeNot recovers investment in AB Tasty after 1st test

How to highlight a specific area to encourage user interaction?

RetailMeNot operates the world’s largest marketplace for digital offers. With more than 600,000 coupons and offers for 70,000 retailers, the company helps merchants and brands connect with millions of active shoppers anytime, anywhere to drive engagement and sales.


RetailMeNot operates a commissioned-based business model for the sales it helps generate. As a vital business partner for thousands of retail brands, RetailMeNot drives qualified traffic towards partner websites. Audience engagement indicators, such as bounce rate or the number of interactions (visits to discount code pages), are consequently principal KPIs for the company.


Following various Test & Learn cycles across their international domains, Ma Reduc gained a thorough understanding of their audience and began deploying best practise optimization strategies to be implemented. Subsequently, these strategies were tested locally for cultural preference. As a result, it was identified that the merchant pages required redesign, together with optimising content organisation and more promenent display of partner brands. Dynamic display was implemented to shift focus to promotional codes and to encourage user interaction.

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