Engage your users with widgets

Optimize the customer journey and user experience by deploying flexible, visually appealing and impactful components with our SPA-compatible widget library with little or no code.

Innovate each step of your customer journey with our widgets

Optimize your customer journey from A to Z

At this stage, your website should be working overtime to create awareness and interest in your products. “Stickiness” is the goal – you’ve worked hard to get traffic here, now make sure visitors don’t bounce!

Alert & notify
with a popin

Le Slip Français

A seasonal exit-intent pop-in takes less than 10 minutes to set up and can be really impactful in order to retain your visitors before they leave. Le slip français displayed one of these promoting free delivery during Valentine’s Day for prospects. This pop-in, triggered at the right time with the right content, had significant results.

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transaction post click

Leverage geotargeting


Geotargeting your online visitors is a very effective way to maximize your chances of converting rate. You can easily create a visible and customizable banner to offer discounts or services at the store closest to them, which will entice them to visit your store. BUT used a banner for a new store opening that proved to be effective.

0 %
of people who visited But stores had previously prepared their visit on the website

important elements


If an element of your website facilitate the customer journey and ultimately improve your sales, you may decide to keep that element available at all times during your visitors’ sessions. Seafolly discovered that the search function within the navigation bar was fairly used. So they decided to keep the navigation bar available at all times. The result went beyond their expectations.

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Total Revenue

Help seal the deal with these conversion-friendly widgets. Your visitors have shown interest in your products – now, they need to be convinced.

Use Image Matchmaker
to find the best one

Best Western

Making sure that each of your images actually spark your visitors’ interest is the cutting edge of website optimization, and requires so little effort that it would be a shame to miss out. Best Western understood this perfectly and challenged the first image of the slideshow among 6 different images with Image Matchmaker to find the perfect match. And they were right to do so – the result speaks for itself.

+ 0 %

Add urgency
with countdown

Brico Privé

A countdown timer is suited to many different use cases, like creating excitement for an upcoming event, or alerting people that a discount period is coming to an end while creating a sense of urgency. Set up in minutes, without coding, it’s a very simple way to create a buzz for your products among your visitors. Like Brico Privé who easily created a banner with a countdown on the sales pages. It’s so simple but it worked well!

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Average Order Value

social proof


Knowing that other people are also interested in a product triggers your social curiosity and creates interest through a mimicry effect. This is why we developed the social proof widget, a simple and effective way to draw attention to a product. You can leverage it through a banner, without any coding knowledge, create desire and see those numbers skyrocket like NYX did.

X 0
transactions comparing to the original

Leverage widgets to take advantage of an Internet user’s intention to buy by proposing additional products or services and highlighting the benefits they will gain adding more to their basket.

Give visibility with a
progress bar


The progress bar is a great feature that fits many use cases with an immediate and visual impact on your web visitors and requires very little action on your part. They can be informative, such as providing information about a customer’s progress through a checkout flow, or increasing the size of the shopping cart by offering free services, gifts or discounts above a certain purchase amount. Decathlon was able to easily leverage progression by indicating the amount remaining needed to qualify for free shipping, with great results.

+ 0 %
transaction rate

Automatically scroll to important part


To ensure that customers consult important elements of your pages like similar products, you can set up automatic actions such as automatic scrolling to a section of a page or automatic clicks on elements. This way you can be sure that your visitors will have access to what you want to display. In the case of Livy, they had set up an automatic scroll to the similar product section by clicking on the CTA “add to cart”. They managed to increase their average cart size easily and without any coding with this simple tool.

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Transactions on all devices

Promotional pop-up for non subscribers


The pop-in widget can play many roles; and, with the right segmentation, it becomes a powerful asset to offer a targeted promotion and maximize the chances of increasing the size of your customer’s basket. HKBN, for example, used this tool to motivate broadband plan subscribers to upgrade their plans by offering a targeted promotion. This is one of the many uses they have made of our services and that have helped them achieve incredible results.

* 0
Sales thanks to our cross-sell/up sell services

Use these widgets to keep customers loyal and singing your praises near and far. Post-purchase, your focus should be on creating client loyalty and new brand ambassadors.

Use Iframe to collect information


The iframe widget is very versatile in terms of formats and content. You can, for example, decide to use it to display a survey, a map, or something else. It is only limited by what you decide to put in it. If you decide to use it to display a satisfaction survey to collect information, like Unicef did, you will see that it’s a great way to easily and quickly collect responses.

+ 0

Collect feedback with
NPS widget


Collecting feedback is the essence of creating the best customer experience. You will immediately measure the impact of your evolution on your customers’ mood. And if you get negative results, you can act and correct what your customers don’t like. The best part is that you can set up an NPS widget in minutes, without any coding knowledge, to collect this crucial information, just as the Eurosport team did – and they were amazed by the amount of useful information they collected in two weeks!

+ 0
Answers in 2 weeks

Display a popin
on exit intent

Le Routard

The pop-in is still one of the best ways to get your customers’ attention, especially when it is displayed on the exit intention. You can get your customers’ attention until the very last moment. Using it to push services like newsletter signup, is a great way to keep in touch after your customers have left your website. Fully customizable and requiring little to no code, you’ll be able to see the impact quickly. By understanding this perfectly, Le Routard has been able to collect a lot of new subscribers with this simple tool.

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Fully customize the widgets to fit your needs

Make it stand out seamlessly
An attention-grabbing choice, the modal layout is sure to pop! You can set it to make a splash, or tone it down by adjusting its position, underlay or dimensions.
Select any element (a button, an image, a paragraph… even the whole body) in your page and decide if your widget will be positioned before or after this element.
Whether you want to position it at the top or bottom of your page, the banner layout is very flexible. You can make it discrete or loud, it’s up to you!
By default, our widget renderings are responsive. You can adapt dimensions with several units: px, em, %, vw… to your specific needs.

Really fast and simple styling to make them your owns.
Override our default style with your own colors, save them in ‘User colors’ to re-use them later faster. Use our smart color picker and type HEX color values in 3,4, 6 or 8 digits.
Manage margins and paddings, define background color or upload your own image and adjust the fitting. Add a drop shadow or not and style it as you want.
Choose among 1,000 Google Fonts and all their respective available styles (bold, grease, italics…) and adapt their size to your needs. On a per content-basis.
Adjust border radius, thickness, and color. On popins, large border-radius also impact images and videos to make smooth and round corners.
Adjust contrast, affordance and make the button invisible (if needed) or very present. Some widgets can also become fully clickable.
For widget with modal layouts, change the underlay from fully transparent to full opaque and in the color your need.

Display your widget the smartest way possible for the strongest impact.
At page load
As its name says, when the DOM is ready. We also have another subtle option which is as soon as the tag is executable (for lazy loading, infinite scroll pages….).
At exit intent
Catch your visitors attention before they leave the website. Limit your cost per lead direct loss and re-engage.
At click
Select any element (a button, an image, a paragraph… even the whole body) and transform it into your widget trigger.
When visitor is inactive
Even if your visitor need some time to engage purchase decision, you can suggest help, alternatives or complementary product or services, you can trigger a widget after a certain amount of time.
At scroll
To make our trigger work in any circumstances, you display the widget when an element is visible in the viewport. Scroll percentage is diefferent on mobile and desktop.
At will, with custom trigger!
For any other behavior (scroll up, right click, text selection, hover…) you can write your own Javascript trigger.

Find the right rhythm, create habits.
Every time
This will display your widget every time the trigger is triggered.
Every session
For AB Tasty, a session is 30 minutes. Once this duration is over, the widget will trigger again.
Every X days, weeks, months
On a 13 months period, define when is going to be the next time
Just once, no reccurence
If you want to display only once with no chance to re-display it later then you can select this reccurrence criteria.
After closure
If your widget can be closed/ hidden, you can decide when you want to re-display it to your visitor once he closed it.
After click
If your widget is a link or contains a link, you can decide when you want to re-dsplay it to your visitor once he clicked on the link.